The Writing Process: How to Write a Basic Essay
October 10, 2017
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October 14, 2017

7 useful tips for choosing an Essay Topic and Organizing Your

Essays are the most common type of academic papers and are written from high school all the way to the highest educational level. The process of writing an essay involves a number of steps, which if you follow carefully, will result in an impressive paper.

“Write my essay” services are offered by different companies online, and paper per hour is one such company. Most writers follow a given set procedure, and our writers are no different. I will be describing this essay writing process in a number of articles. In this first installment, I will discuss the first two steps: choosing the topic for your essay and organizing your ideas.

Choosing a Topic for Your Essay

 When writing an essay, you can have two situations. In the first, the topic is assigned to you and in the second, you have to choose the topic yourself:

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  1. Where the Topic is Assigned

You may think that where the essay topic is assigned, your work is cut out for you. However, this is not the case.

First, you have to think about the kind of paper you are supposed to produce. You might be expected to give a specific analysis or general overview of the topic. The topic you have been assigned will aid you in getting to the conclusion of whether you will be needed to give a general overview or otherwise.

For example, given the essay topic, “The real estate industry of Des Moines,” you will be expected to give a specific analysis on the industry. On the other hand, a topic like, “Des Moines” will require you to give a general overview of the city.

The topic you are assigned can also be general, and before writing, you will be required to narrow down what you will write about. When given a topic like “Nigeria,” you can decide whether to write about the country’s economy, politics or history.Where the Topic Has Not Been Assigned

2. Where the Topic Has Not Been Assigned

In this situation, the world is literally yours to take. If the subject is history, you can decide what in history you want to write about. The World Wars? Colonialism in Africa and India? Prominent Political Figures in the World? This leeway comes with a challenge, as it becomes more difficult to narrow your options down.

Where you have not been given a topic:

  1. Define Your Purpose


What do you intend to achieve after the last word in the essay? Do you want to educate, persuade, argue or narrate? The topic you choose should fit the purpose.

2. Determine the Potential Topics

After identifying the purpose of your essay, write down a few subject areas that you want to explore. You are advised to pick topics in an area in which you have interest an in as this is more likely to give you a better quality essay. Write down everything that comes to mind.

3. Evaluate the Potential Essay Topics

Look at each topic you have written in the previous step. How passionate are you about each of them? How much knowledge do you have about one topic or the other? What is the number of ideas you have on the topic?

Evaluation is dependent on the purpose of the essay. In an essay where you are required to persuade, you should at least be passionate about the topic you are writing about. In one where you have to narrate, ensure that the amount of info you have on the topic is enough for a complete narration. Where the essay requires you to educate, you must be knowledgeable in the subject area. The more ideas you have on a subject you are passionate about, the better for the quality of your essay.

In a number of situations, none of the topics might be appealing to you. Here, it is best to go with one in which you can scrape the most words out of, as it might turn out to be an interesting one.

After picking the topic, go back to the first point where you determine whether the essay you have chosen is a general overview one or it requires a specific analysis. You can move on to the next step after determining that the topic is suitable for you.

Organizing Your Ideas

 This is the second step after choosing an essay topic. The aim of an outline is putting the ideas you have about the subject matter of the essay on paper. It also gives you the structure you will use when writing the essay.

Organizing ideas can be done in either of two ways:

  1. Using a Diagram


Take a piece of paper or single out a page in which you will draw this diagram of outlines. You can have a flow chart or a diagram that moves outward from the main idea.

In a flow chart, the top will have the topic of your essay. Each topic has several main ideas and these should be indicated by breaking the subject matter into several leaves. These main ideas can be broken down into sub points which are indicated in leaves off of the major point. This flow chart goes on until the least point you have in mind.

Alternatively, you can have a circular design where the topic is indicated at the center of the diagram in a circle or a horizontal line. It then breaks out towards the main ideas that are also indicated in circles or lines, and these also break out to points and sub points.

2. Using an Outline

An outline is fairly easy and more common than a diagram. Here, you write the topic of the essay at the top of the page. This topic is then broken down to main ideas that are indicated in numerals. The main points are your strongest arguments, the steps to be followed in a process or the categories into which your information can be divided. Under these main ideas, indicate the facts that support them.

This is the structure which your essay is to follow, although it might change as you write. To get to know how to write a basic essay please check the article How to Write a Basic Essay article

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