How to Write Excellent Body Paragraphs in an Essay with Examples
October 14, 2017
Writing an Argumentative Essay: The Body Paragraphs and the Conclusion
October 14, 2017

The Essay Writing Process: Writing the Conclusion

After going through the process of writing the whole essay, you might feel like you don’t need to put as much effort into the conclusion. In fact, if you are like me, you might resent writing conclusions.

When writing essays, think of the concluding paragraph as your home stretch. The last lap that determines whether you will get the good grades that you have been working for throughout the essay. With this mindset, combined with the following tips, you will be able to write kickass conclusions.

Read on to know how this is done.

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Writing the Conclusion

Your conclusion is the last chance the essay gives you to impress your reader. You, therefore, have to finish strong. As you are writing essays for whatever reason, use the following tips when concluding:

Use Short Monosyllabic Words

Writing essays is a long process that will probably involve a mix of short and long sentences and words. I already explained how to write a basic essay and ways to write body paragraphs in my previous articles on the writing process. As the reader gets to the conclusion, he or she might already be exhausted from reading. You are therefore advised to ensure that your conclusion is comprised of monosyllabic words and short sentences. This way, your reader will find it easy to scan through it without affording too much effort.


Reiterate the First Paragraph

As mentioned in the second article of this series, Writing the Introduction and Thesis Statement, the introduction should give an overview of what you intend to write in the essay. Writing the conclusion expects you to reiterate this introduction by, first, organically mentioning the thesis statement. This guides you in writing a summary of what you have stated so far in the article. However, ensure that you don’t quote word-to-word of what you mentioned in the introduction.

Restate the Main Argument

The thesis statement comprises the basis on which your essay is written. Rewriting it in the final paragraph serves to help you restate your main point of contention, then briefly mention the evidence supporting the claim. This evidence is produced from the main body paragraphs of the essay, and this is what makes a conclusion different from the introduction.

Mention the Implications of Your Findings

In the previous step, I indicated that your conclusion should restate the main argument and link it to the evidence. This does not end here. You are afterward required to mention the implications and significance of your findings. Why is the main argument relevant? If it is a persuasive essay, what are the implications of your supporting argument?

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When writing an essay, you might have come up with a thesis statement that says, “Education systems around the world nurture a white-collar mentality”, your conclusion could be as shown below:

As clearly shown above, the different education systems around the world directly or indirectly gear students towards white-collar jobs. These courses have been seen to attract students with the best grades and highest GPAs in high school, as seen in both Western, Eastern and African countries. However, this comes with one great implication: unemployment. It is therefore imperative that a solution is found to diverse education systems towards both white and blue-collar jobs.”


In the conclusion above, take note of a number of things:

  1. The thesis statement was mentioned a second time, even though it was not a word-for-word quote.
  2. This conclusion attempted to draw evidence that would have been found in the essay. This evidence, in this case, is summarized in order to avoid mindless repetition.
  • The implication of the thesis statement is also mentioned as well, and in this case, it is the issue of unemployment. It is an indirect result of the education systems around the world.
  1. The final statement in the conclusion, “It is therefore imperative that a solution is found to diverse education systems towards both white and blue-collar jobs” gives a sense of closure. The reader will by this time be asking himself, “What Now?” This statement attempts to answer this.
  2. After reading the conclusion above, there is a sense of closure that the reader gets. Every conclusion should attempt to give finality to the whole essay and leave the reader satisfaction.

Note that there are a few things to avoid when writing a conclusion. First, don’t begin the conclusion with generic terms like, “In Conclusion” or any other similar words. They make your essay sound as wooden and doesn’t really inspire anything in the reader.

Secondly, ensure that you don’t introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. This is the final part of the essay in which you are supposed to summarize the whole thing.

Finally, in the conclusion, you are supposed to give a final statement convincing the reader that your arguments are valid. This is especially the case in argumentative and persuasive essays. However, when giving this convincing statement, you are advised to avoid any emotional appeals that are not consistent with the rest of the paper. Essays are academic papers that are based on facts, and unless it is a narrative essay that naturally has emotions, you are advised to avoid the use of emotional appeals.

The Finishing Touches in an Essay

Writing a conclusion is not the final step in writing essays. There are several things you must do to ensure that your essay will fetch you great grades.

Grammar Checking

Human beings are not perfect, and in the course of writing your essay, you may have made a few tense or grammar mistakes. After writing the conclusion, you are advised to first read through the paper. Afterward, you can pass it through a grammar checker to show the mistakes that you may have overseen when editing.

Checking for Plagiarism

This is another important step in ensuring that you get the best grades out of your essay as plagiarism may be penalized. Checking for plagiarism can be done by simply passing the essay through a plagiarism checker like Grammarly.

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