Tips to help you write and effectively defend your dissertation

Dissertation defense

What do you know about a dissertation? Let me take a wild guess. You probably think it is a scary paper with a crazy amount of pages and an understanding of concepts that you could never really master. I mean, this paper is literally the line between a graduate student and a doctorate and is probably specifically made to ensure that he or she fails.

If this is your idea of a dissertation, or if you really have no idea what kind of paper I am talking about, read on. You will need this article.

So what is a dissertation? How long is a dissertation? What is a dissertation defense? These questions will be answered below.

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a final year paper that is done at the end of a doctorate program. In your dissertation, you are to do the study of a particular phenomenon, and this theory is presented in the literature review. There are different methods that are used when undertaking the study of the phenomenon, and they include the use of a questionnaire or interviews. The findings you find from the study are discussed in the discussion section of your paper. Your conclusion gives are a summary of the paper as discussed without necessarily repeating yourself.

How long is a Dissertation?

The idea of a dissertation scares most people because of the perceived length. “How long is a dissertation?” is probably one of the most common questions that instructors get.

Well, I cannot for sure tell you that your paper will be completed in 10,000 words or 50,000 words. Neither can I tell you that if you sat down for a whole week to work on the dissertation, you will complete it. I would be lying.


Graduate students take anything between a year and 18 months to complete their paper. This is because there are many factors that come into place when it comes to writing this paper.

First, there is a great amount of research that is required when writing a dissertation proposal. Expect to read hundreds of books and journals just to get started. Note that I said a dissertation proposal, not the actual dissertation. The proposal has three chapters, each of which serves to give your instructors an idea of what you will write about. If it is approved, you can start the research on your idea. If not, you will have to go back to the drawing board.

So you see, a dissertation cannot be quantified in terms of a number of words or pages, or even with the length of time you will use to work on it. All I can say is that it is very long and will take a long time to complete.

Dissertation Defense

The words “dissertation defense” don’t really have a book definition. This is because defending a dissertation is a process that you undertake as you are writing your paper.

The dissertation defense is the presentation, explanation, and defense of your ideas. This is a process that begins on the first day you start working on your paper. You should be able to answer the how, why, when and what questions as concerns your proposal.


To effectively defend your dissertation, do the following:

Prepare Adequately

You can do this by attending the defenses of your colleagues or some in a different department. This gives you an idea of what will be expected of you as you stand to do your presentation, and how the said rules of the presentation of the defense are enacted.

Before the defense, you should also ensure that you have reviewed all your materials and confirmed that they are consistent with the formatting requirements. Also, put your material in order for the presentation. Moreover, ensure that you have prepared yourself for any questions that may arise from your dissertation. This can be done by asking your chair what questions you should expect or listening to the ones asked as you are watching your colleagues’ defenses.

During the Defense

Before beginning any presentation, courtesy expects that you should introduce yourself and thank the committee members for their time. Afterward, present your materials in order, ensuring that you articulate each point well. Don’t be ambiguous in any way.

The committee members will then ask you a few questions. Expect one or two questions on the weaknesses of your proposal and how you intend to maneuver them. You may also be asked what you intend to do post-research. Answer this questions clearly, using facts and with no ambiguity. When answering, you are advised to look directly at the person who asked the question.

You will then be asked to leave the room as they deliberate on your presentation. When you are called back, you will know whether you passed or not.

After Your Defense

The committee will probably ask you to make a few revisions to your paper. Do this after your presentation. You can then give the committee and family members a copy of your bound dissertation. The department may also require one.

Dissertation Writing Services

If you need professional help when writing, editing or proofreading your paper, you can find professional dissertation writing services online such as Paper per Hour. With such services, you get assigned a writer who is familiar and experienced in not just writing dissertations, but also in your subject area. To aid his work, you will be expected to present all information that concerns your dissertation, and any documents that he might need.

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The writer will then begin working on your paper, and you are advised to constantly check in to see the progress. After he is done, he will edit it then pass the paper on to a proofreader. The latter will check to ensure that the instructions have been followed as required, and the requirements are all met. The paper is then passed on to you. If you feel that it requires revision, you can send it back.

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