Writing a Dissertation: Formatting, editing and proofreading a dissertation

Dissertation defense

A typical dissertation is comprised of three vital parts: the introductory part, the body section, and the back matter. In the previous two articles, I extensively discussed the introductory and body sections. This article will discuss the back matter and the editing your dissertation.

The back matter is the final part of a dissertation and is mainly comprised of three parts: the appendix, notes, and the reference list. On the other hand, dissertation editing services are provided by online writing service providers like Paper per Hour. You can also edit your dissertation on your own, and the final part of this article will inform you how.


The Back Matter

The sections found on the back matter of a dissertation are typically non-essential and supplementary. They are necessary mainly to maintain the structure of a dissertation.

The sections include:

  1. a) Appendix

The aim of an appendix is to aid a reader who would like to seek further information. In this section, you can have source texts, lists, survey questionnaires, charts and tables that provide more information on the paper. Don’t have raw data in the appendix that you may have been unable to incorporate into the text.

Where you have more than one appendix, you can number it using capital letters. For example, Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, etc.

  1. b) Notes

Where you have observations or directions to give on different sections of the paper, you can indicate them under the notes section. To enable the reader to understand this section better, divide the notes into chapters. The titles on the chapters could be the chapter numbers or its heading. For example, Chapter 1 or Literature Review.

  1. c) Reference List

As mentioned before, a dissertation is one of the most extensively-researched papers. In the course of your research, you will use different sources, including textbooks, journals, and articles. A dissertation requires that you include your most important sources within the paper. The style used in the citation of these sources is dependent on the style of the paper.

In your reference or bibliography section, ensure that you state each of the sources that you have cited in the paper. In some situations, you may have used a certain resource but didn’t cite it within the dissertation. You can still mention it in the references.

Note that every citation stated in the paper should be referred to in the bibliography or reference section. Again, the style to be used in this section is dependent on the style that the paper is to use. This can be APA styling, Harvard styling, or Vancouver styling, among others.

The three sections above comprise the back matter of a dissertation. Their application varies, and they are used only where applicable, except for the references. References must be included as no dissertation can be written without research.

Completing your dissertation to the references without editing gives you a rough draft. This draft should be edited to polish it before it is delivered to your instructor. Dissertation editing services can be provided by online writing services or you can do it on your own.


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Dissertation Editing

There are a number of steps dissertation editing service providers take when going through a paper. They are as described below:

  1. a) Read Through The Whole Dissertation

Immediately after completing your dissertation, take a break. It could be a whole day or a few hours, but either way, take time off from the paper.

After your break, take the time to go through the whole dissertation, including each and every section of it. Does your paper flow? Is there a clear transition between the different sections? Was the outline you have written down followed? If the answer to these question is yes, you can move on to the second step of dissertation editing. If not, make the necessary corrections.

  1. b) Go Through The Introduction

The introduction is specifically touchy as it opens the door to your paper. What will the reader meet at the door? A dirty sock or a neat welcome mat?

Your first chapter is the introduction of your paper. Read through it. Is the background to your problem clear? Is the purpose of the study well-put? Will the research questions cover all the vital issues in the dissertation? Are the difficult words that have been used in the paper been defined? Has the section used the given structure and outline?

This is one of the areas dissertation editing service providers are keen on, as the introduction sets the mood for the whole paper. After confirming that the introduction is in order, you can proceed to the next step.

  1. c) Go Through Each of the Other Chapters

Each chapter has a given outline and content requirement. While going through the chapters, cross-check with these requirements to ensure that they have been followed to the letter.

Ensure that you double-check your facts and statistics in the findings, as they form the base for the findings, recommendations, and conclusions. Check that you have clearly indicated the methods of data collection and instrumentation that you used and that the analysis of this data is accurate.

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  1. d) Grammar Check

The use of the correct tense and grammar is vital for any type of academic paper, your dissertation being one of them. To check for grammar, use two methods. First, personally go through the whole paper, sentence after sentence. Correct each grammar and tense mistake that you come across, rewrite sentences if necessary.

Don’t do this while editing content in the chapters. Set aside a time when your primary focus will be the grammar in the paper. After going through it on your own, use a grammar checker like Grammarly to show you the mistakes that you might have missed. Correct each of them until you are clear of any mistakes.

Where you are confused about what to do, you can get dissertation editing services from trusted service providers like Paper per Hour. This is done at an affordable fee, and you get the assurance that at the end of the day, you get a finely polished paper. Simply place an order on our website today and enjoy quality dissertation editing service.

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