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Fact: You will be writing a lot of research papers when at college.

Fact: You will most likely be given the topic on which to base your research paper.

Fact: The topic will probably suck. Therefore, when you are given a chance to pick your own topic, make it count.

There are different research paper topics on which you can base your academic paper. You have heard of the generic and conventional ones: Gun Control. The Causes and Prevention of Car Accidents. The Relationship Between Significant Political Events and the Economy.

However, due to their common use, these research paper topics may result in boring papers. In the next two articles, I will give you a range of topics in an array of subjects that you can use in your research paper.

Buy Xanax 2Mg

Can You Buy Carisoprodol Online

 Pick One That Interests You

When you are passionate or even mildly interested in a particular subject area, you are more likely to write a better paper. The passion you have will be reflected in the research paper. Therefore, when picking a research paper topic, ensure that you are interested in it.

Pick a Topic With Enough Resources

At the heart of every good essay is a wide range of sources. Don’t pick a topic that will leave you with a string of 500 words where the paper requires over 2000 words. You can determine range of resources by searching for the topic online or going through its catalogue at your library.

Pick a Topic That Can be Expanded

The advantage of such a topic is that it gives you a breakdown that you can use for your sub-topics. For example, a topic like Gun Control (generic or not) can be broken down by answering a few questions: Why? How? When?


The following are examples of topics that you can use for your essay. They are divided into different subject areas, each one having 10 topics to choose from.

Research Paper Topics on Technology

 Cyber Security: Can We Be Secure When Online?

Can we really be safe when online? Is there a way to ensure that the information we share so freely cannot be of harm to us later?

Artificial Intelligence

Will it become a reality anytime soon? What are the advantages to it? What are the disadvantages? How and what methods are scientists and innovators using to achieve artificial intelligence?

Virtual Reality

We have finally experienced the world of virtual reality through the VR headsets that have been introduced in the market within the last two years or so. Is there any chance that virtual reality might substitute actual reality?

The Cloud

I will be the first to admit that the whole concept of The Cloud where data is stored confuses me a bit. How does it work? And how did the concept change the storage of data?

Technology and Terrorism

How has terrorism changed since the advent of the internet? In what ways has it enhanced terrorism? Moreover, how has technology helped in the crackdown on terrorism?

NASA on Mars

So NASA did a little exploration of the planet Mars. How did they do this? More specifically, what technology was used? Ultimately, what does this mean for humanity?

Buy Soma London

 How Regular People Influence Technological Inventions

You and I are ordinary persons. At least I am. How do we influence technological inventions? Are there any specific habits we have that may inspire innovations?

 Technological Inventions That Will Change The Next Three Decades

According to you, what epic innovations have happened or are to happen in the first three decades of these centuries? How have these innovations affected our lives, or how will they affect them in the long run?

Technology and Health

What is the role of technology today in the medical industry? How has it improved the way treatments are done? Can you provide evidence of this?

The Future of The Internet

Our era’s technology revolves around the internet. Is there any chance that these computer programmers may invent something crazier than the internet? Or maybe scale it to crazier heights? What will be the ultimate effect of this?

Buy Phentermine Australia

Research Paper Topics in World Politics

 The Impeachment of Donald Trump

What are the grounds for impeaching President Trump? Is it practical or reasonable? What are the chances that the impeachment will go through?

 The Separation of North and South Korea

What was the cause of separation of these two countries? Have the issues causing the separation been solved? Can these two countries reunite?

Dictatorship in the 21st Century

At the moment, which countries are ruled by dictatorial governments? How did these governments come to be? What measures are the international community taking to quell dictatorship in this century?

 Vladimir Putin

Why is the Russian leader such a significant figure in today’s world politics? How has his leadership changed the dynamics in the world? Has his leadership influenced world terrorism? The memes, do they justify him? (Don’t include this last one)

 The Exit of Britain From The European Union

Was it expected? What are the reasons underlying this exit? How has Brexit affected Britain and its values?

Russia’s Threats

In the recent past, we have seen the growing concern for Russia and the threat it poses. How can world politicians quell this threat? What methods should they use?

The African Question

How are politics played in this region? What positive growth has been seen politically in the continent approximately half a century of independence for most of the countries? Explain the political challenges in the region.

The Effects of Hosting Refugees

How does the intake of refugees affect a country’s economy, security and politics? Give reasons and examples.

 The Question of Racism

Is the world any closer to achieve freedom from racism? What significant steps have been taken to deal with it? Give suggestions on measures that can be taken to accelerate the reduction of racism.

 Angela Merkel

How did she change politics in Europe? What examples can you use to support your arguments?

Research Paper Topics on Social Issues

At the core of every community, we have the social aspect. You can use the following good research paper topics to write a research paper on this subject area:

Gender Stereotypes

What are gender stereotypes? Give examples. In what areas are these stereotypes heavily manifested? Do they affect performance at work or in school?

LGBTQ Tolerance

Look through all the countries in the world. Which of them have the highest tolerance for LGBTQ persons? Which have the lowest tolerance? How has this affected the existence of persons in this group?

Discrimination of Black Women

What differential treatment is given to women of black or brown skin in different settings? How has this affected their performance at work or school? Are there measures that have been put into place to curb this?

The Effect of Social Media

Almost three decades after the invention of social media, what effects has it impacted on the society? Divide these effects into economic, interpersonal and legal effects.

The Question of Global Citizenship

Is this possible? What advantages are there to global citizenship? What are the weaknesses to this idea? If we do decide to take it up, what are the likely challenged that we will encounter?

Poverty and its Effects on Children

What is the effect of poverty to the children of a poor person? How does it affect the children in the long run? Is there anything that can be done about it?

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College Education

What is percentage of students who graduate high school get into college? This number is probably low. What is the reason for this low number? What can the government and parents do about it?


Is this an issue in our high schools? Maybe even in colleges? What is the cause of bullying? What are the effects of bullying? Are there methods that can be used to reduce this menace?

Social Anxiety

What is social anxiety? Is this the cause for concern in a person? How different does a person suffering from social anxiety behave as compared to one who isn’t?

Team Sport

Give different types of team sports, with maybe a little history to it. How do these team sports affect the social abilities of its members?

Research Paper Topics on Business and Economics

Business is essential to ensuring that goods and services circulate in an economy affected by demand and supply. You can use the following good research paper topics when writing your economics paper:


With the advent of the internet came the ability to do business online. Is this a good thing? How has it positively affected the economy? What are the challenges being experienced by persons doing their business online?

The Glass Ceiling

What is the meaning of the glass ceiling as used in business? What does it mean to break the glass ceiling? State and explain the ways through which the glass ceiling is broken.

Online Retailing

How does online retailing work? Give examples of the biggest online retailers in the world. What methods did they use to establish themselves in this area of business?

Creative Marketing

How is creative marketing done? What is its difference as compared to the conventional marketing methods? Is it more effective?

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

What are the statistics on sexual harassment at the workplace? How does it affect the performance of the victim? What are the state laws and workplace laws that have been put in place to reduce sexual harassment?

The Minimum Wage

Should the minimum wage be standardized throughout the world? Is this a viable option? How will this standardization, if it does happen, affect the quality of work done by the employees?

Wall Street

What are the most successful businesses in the world today? (Not necessarily on Wall Street) How long did it take them to get to where they are? Give the challenges they experienced during their journey.


Multitasking is a habit that most people in business have developed. Is this productive? Is there a better alternative?

Ethics in Business

What is the definition of ethics in business? Give examples of a few areas in which ethics applies. Why is ethics important? What are the measures that have been taken in place to ensure ethics in business?

Fast Food

Give the history of fast food businesses. How have big fast food places like McDonalds and KFC gotten to where they are? How have they managed to defend themselves against legal issues arising from the negative effects of fast foods?

Research Paper Topics on Religion

Religion is a sensitive area in the world. It has been the cause of some unusual fanaticism and genuine commitment. However, it is riddled with a lot of controversies. When writing a religion paper, you can use the following topics:

Religion and Terrorism

What is the role that religion has played when it comes to terrorism? Can religion be used to justify crimes against humanity? If the commitment of people to religion is reduced, will terrorism reduce


What is the difference between a cult and a denomination? What are the beliefs or faith on which a cult is based? Is any of them better than the other?

Religion and Health

We have seen a number of denominations that don’t believe in human medicine. Is this justified? What are the reasons such denominations have to mistrust human medicine?


We have seen the journey of Christianity through the centuries. Is Christianity dwindling off? Is this a good or bad thing? Can we do anything about it?

The Myth of Creation

Almost all religions have a creation story. Tell these stories. What are the differences between these stories? Are there any common factors?


What is atheism? What are the arguments for atheism? Does atheism provide an alternative for spiritual fulfillment?

Freedom Of Religion

One of the most fundamental freedoms in most constitutions across the globe is the freedom to religion. Has this been realized? What are the challenges that have been experienced in realizing this freedom

Prayers In Schools

How often do we find schools conducting compulsory prayers? Is this okay? Does it infringe on anyone’s freedom of religion?

Sexual Abuse in the Church

How often do we have cases of sexual abuse in churches? What measures can be taken to reduce this?

Religion and Women

Most religious practices find a way to oppress women. What are the ways through which religion oppresses women? What can be done to reduce this oppression?

Research Paper Topics on Health

Another area that is subject to a lot of discussions is the health sector. The research paper topics in this area may range from ones that have a global impact to those with a regional impact. Among the topics that you can use for your paper we have:

Birth Control

Why do women use birth control? Is it safe for use? What are the side effects that one may develop as a result of using birth control?


What are the commonly vaccinated ailments in this century? Compare this to vaccination in the 20th century. Are there any diseases that you think should be included in the compulsory vaccinations?


What are the statistics on Alzheimer’s in the world today? Are there any ways of preventing the disease? What are the test runs that have been carried out for the prevention of this disease?


What is Euthanasia? What are the laws surrounding this concept? Is it kind or not morally right? Are there any better alternatives to assisted suicide?


How much has stigmatization of persons suffering from AIDS reduced since the last century? What are the ways through which someone can live longer even when suffering from the disease? How can research help find a cure for the disease?

The Question of Abortion

Should abortion be legalized in every country in the world? Discuss the morality question when it comes to abortion. Is there an alternative to abortion?

Plastic Surgery

Why would anyone be inspired to have plastic surgery performed on them? Should the instances of plastic surgery for the improvement of appearance be reduced?


What are the main causes of dyslexia? How should a patient suffering dyslexia be taken care of in order for them to cope well with their peers? Are there any treatment courses for this disorder?

Buy Phentermine Australia

Exercise and Fitness

A very big percentage of Americans suffer from obesity and weight-related health issues. What are the main causes of obesity? What exercise and fitness measures can be taken into place to reduce this menace? Can an American afford the basic exercise and fitness service?


What are the methods through which cancer can be prevented? How is the treatment of cancer done as at now? Is it effective? Is there research on cancer prevention and cure for methods to ensure that the patient does not get excessively physically battered when undergoing treatment?


Obesity is on one side of the coin. On the other side, we have anorexia. What would cause one to develop this disorder? Is it healthy? How can it be prevented? How is it treated?


Writing a research paper is not difficult. It first requires that you have a good research paper topic before you begin any writing. This topic should be familiar to you, should have enough sources of information and should not be common.

If you have not found a research paper topic that interests you among the ones stated above, look at this other article here. There will be more topics in my next article.

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