15 Examples of Controversial Essay Topics to write your next argumentative essay

An argument could be made that controversy runs the world. Some would support this argument, while others would oppose it, but that’s the thing with controversy. It goes either way.

A controversial essay is basically an argumentative one. An issue is brought to the table to be discussed, and one has to take either side by supporting it or opposing it. Controversial essay topics, therefore, have the characteristic of either being debatable. There are only two sides to such a topic: one that supports it and one that opposes it.


This article is going to give a list of the most controversial essay topics that you can use for your paper.

 Controversial Essay Topics

  1. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should be outlawed.
  2. The United States should put more restrictions on the ownership and use of guns in order to reduce gun violence.
  3. Abortion should not be made legal as it compromises the quality of the human life.
  4. Euthanasia should be legalized as it is kinder to take the life of a person who spends most of it in agonizing pain and suffering.
  5. Rich people should pay more taxes than the poor ones as this will work to reduce the gap between the wealthy and those who aren’t.
  6. Public prayer in public school should be banned as it compromises the right to religion for the students who are not religious.
  7. Same-sex couples should go through a more rigorous process when adopting a baby than heterosexual ones.
  8. Corporal punishment should be used in all public schools in order to increase the discipline level of the students in such schools.
  9. Gay marriages should be legalized in all states in the United States, and really, in the whole world.
  10. When a child gets good grades, they should be paid. The amount should be complementary to the grade they get, hence higher grades attract higher payouts.
  11. Sex and extreme violence should not be portrayed on prime-time television, and a network that goes against this should lose their license.
  12. Advertisements for alcohol and tobacco products should clearly have clear warning and side effects of using them, including real-life stories.
  13. The voting age in the United States should be raised while the drinking age should be reduced.
  14. Prisoners in the United States should not be allowed to vote.
  15. Video games should be customized and turned into a useful learning tool.

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