Examples of thesis statements to guide you in your next essay

Thesis Statement Examples

It is easy to find instructions on how to write thesis statements as many websites have written such articles ours being the article: How to write good thesis statements with examples. However, to write the perfect thesis statement, you need not just be told how to write a thesis statement, you need to be shown as well.

This article will give examples of thesis statements that can be used in different contexts and subject areas. You can borrow one or two to use in your next essay. Most importantly, note the application of the literature that is in the article above in order to come up with a thesis statement.


Examples of Thesis Statements

Argumentative Thesis Statements Examples

  1. Gun control is a policy that should have been long implemented already as the current regulations have made guns dispensable to criminals who have used them to do robberies and kill innocents, leading to the loss of lives and property.
  2. Even though gun control is likely to decrease the level of violence in a few regions in the country, it is bound to have a number of detrimental effects to the economy as a lot of small businesses that sell licensed arms might go out of business hence more untaxed revenue for illegal gun dealers.
  3. Aid to Africa should be stopped as instead of developing these countries, it has led to excessive dependency to the west. Instead, these African countries should be given only a limited amount of aid for which they should account for.
  4. The amount of aid that is given to African countries is not enough and should be increased as the amount of money they get is dedicated to solving their problems rather than towards developing their infrastructure and institutions.
  5. While some may argue that the legalization of abortion devalues human life, its free practice ensures that women get to choose what they want to do with their bodies and it eliminates the health risk that is associated with illegal procedures.

  1. Abortions should not be legalized for three simple reasons: they devalue human life, have risks to the life of the mother and doesn’t give the fetus a chance to decide whether it wants to live or not.
  2. The death penalty should be done away with as it runs the risk of having an innocent man convicted and lose his life for something he didn’t do. Its replacement with life imprisonment is a better alternative as it gives the innocent a chance to fight for justice where they are wrongly convicted.
  3. For crimes such as premeditated murder, rape, terrorism, cannibalism, or any other crime of such a heinous nature, the best punishment would be the death penalty.
  4. Countries in the East and ones in the African continent should be encouraged by any means possible to legalize gay marriages as it is the right of every human being to enjoy their sexuality, regardless of their society’s culture.
  5. On gay marriages, each country and state should be allowed to formulate their own policies and rules as suits their religion and culture.
  1. Even though they embody the ultimate template for a relationship – “Till death do us part”, “Romeo and Juliet” is a bad example of a love story because they died and they serve as a bad example for kids, who overly romanticize relationships at a young age.


The examples of thesis statements that have been shown above are all argumentative, and an academic paper on the same issue can take any two directions as shown above.

Examples of Analytical Thesis Statements

This article on the examples of thesis statements would be incomplete if we haven’t given a few examples of analytical thesis statements. These thesis statements are used where your academic paper is of an analytical nature, that is, where it breaks down a particular concept in order for its different pieces to be discussed.

The examples include:


  1. The book “Hamlet” takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions through the different themes that have been explored which include love, war, power and the struggle to balance good and evil.
  2. Every country should place measures in place in order to deal with global warming and prevent its negative effects that include the melting of ice in the polar regions, the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the change of seasons and the climate in general.
  3. The problem of human trafficking can be dealt with by dealing with the source and distribution of funds that make this possible. This should be done by doing a crackdown on money-laundering businesses and chocking the illegal activities that make this possible including the trade in illegal guns.
  4. The effects of tobacco, which includes teeth discolouration, breathing problems, and lung cancer are all reason why its legality should be contested.
  5. Cleaning up, taking breakfast and packing lunches are all activities that have to take place before one leaves for school, hence the reason why school mornings are so chaotic.
  6. Domestic violence, especially gender-based violence against women in third-world countries, can be solved through education, increased job opportunities and women empowerment to give them the willpower to walk out of abusive marriages.
  7. The causes of poverty can be broadly summarized into three: the lack of education, the lack of appropriate infrastructure for the creation of job opportunities and good old laziness by the said poor persons.
  8. The solution for bullying in school lies in counselling and psychiatry. By counselling the bullies, we will be able to determine why the bully other people and how we can help them get over the behaviour.

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