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Useful Tools For Academic Writing

Academic writing is not easy, as it requires an understanding of the concept you are writing on, a familiarity of the style to be used and a good command of the English language. Therefore, if there is any tool that can make the process easier, you should know about it.

This article highlights a number of useful tools that you can use when doing academic papers.



The most important part of writing an academic paper is the research that goes into it. This research is done using published books and journals, internet sources and other academic papers on the same subject. Mendeley is a desktop and web program that allows you to save and manage the research sources that you are using in the course of your studies. The software gives you 2GB space on which you can save your files and share them with friends. These materials can be accessed online or offline, and when going through them, the software allows you to highlight and include sticky notes on parts that you find important.

Paper Per Hour

One of the most useful tools for academic writing is the provision of online writing services. The services provided by these companies include writing and editing dissertations, research papers, essays, and term papers, among others on your behalf. One such company is Paper Per Hour which is a team of writers, editors, and proofreaders who work on articles at a given fee. All you have to do is give the instructions on your paper and wait for the job to be picked by a writer. Before the deadline is reached, the assignment is uploaded to a common interface from which you can download it.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Some academic papers are characterized by a large number of pages. You can write over 100,000 words before completing the paper. An example is a dissertation, which is more of a book than an academic paper. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech-to-text software that can be used where the assignment is very bulky. You can use it to dictate notes, search the web, and send emails and much more while using just your voice.  This software is available only in paid version.

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Grammar errors are annoying, right? These errors might also lead to you losing marks on your paper. Grammarly is one of the most used tools for academic writing. With the software, you can check for your soft tense and grammar errors and for any advances issues that may be to do with your sentence structure. Moreover, it is available in both paid and unpaid versions. The former will indicate just the grammar and tense errors while the latter will show you advanced issues such as where you have used passive tense.


Each of the tools above will be really helpful as you write your academic paper. If you need any professional help, visit the Paper Per Hour website at and simply make an order today.

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