How to write a 5 paragraph essay

5 paragraph essays are a classic form of writing essays learned by most people trying to develop their composition skills. Due to its structure, 5 paragraph essays are also baptized the name one three one essays and hamburger essay. The most descriptive way to define it is within its name; it entails five paragraphs.

The first paragraph is usually the introductory paragraph. The paragraph serves to notify the reader the basics and the author’s thesis and central idea. Within the paragraph, the writer can also briefly mention what will be entailed in the next three paragraphs. Typically, the first paragraph consists of a statement that announces the overall theme and the next statement narrowing it down to a specific theme. Below is an example of an introductory paragraph about forests preservation:-


“Natural resources are resources that occur without the action of humanity. They include air, sunlight, and atmosphere. Forests are considered to be top five in major natural resources of the world. Being a major resource its depletion around the world is faster due to human population growth, therefore, measures to stop its destructions have been set as discussed below.”

The second paragraph of the five-paragraph essay is usually to narrate and to orient the reader to the essay’s topic. Within this paragraph, the points are discussed. It is also referred to as the narrative paragraph which is followed by the affirmative paragraph. Affirmative paragraph shows where the author opinions, for instance, he or she may decide to show approval to the best method of forest conservation. In the final paragraph of the body, three of the paragraphs enclosed by the introduction and conclusion, the author may choose to negate or disapprove or criticizes the topic within the essay. For example, the author may criticize one of the methods used in forest preservation by saying some of those that are not effective.

In some other instances, the three paragraphs are usually to analyze pieces of evidence. The format used involves stating the topic statement, the evidence and its analysis then transition to another point or evidence.

The conclusion paragraph is the last paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay. In this paragraph, the author shows his or her stand. The author restates the thesis statement and sums up points. In the conclusion new information should not be presented for its purpose is usually to sum up the essay. See the example below:-

“In conclusion, forest perseveration is crucial in maintaining humankind. As discussed above trees provide water and timber which are vital in day to day activities and thus care should be taken care of with the best and easiest means of growing as you cut and reuse timber (should be information mentioned within the three paragraphs). Humanity should save forest to save itself.”


To understand how to write a conclusion better, read the article The writing process, writing the conclusion

Some five paragraph essays end at this point if citing is not required but to those that require citing, the citing is done according to the book and author and date of which it was published

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