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January 10, 2018
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January 20, 2018

Free sample paper on Trust and Leadership

For an organization to succeed, it requires an effective leader and a reliable team on his or her back The teams also needs to trust their leader after decisions are made and work with them, not blindly, but because they have made the decisions together. The team head uses a high question-to-statement ratio to ensure technical input and challenges the team; who are supposed to argue to unify their mindsets, not to look smart. In my experience, I have worked for an inefficient leader. In the field of marketing, the leader did not like being challenged. Whenever there was a correction to be made, one would rather be silent than risk being dismissed. The decisions he made were final resulting to low sales of the product which would be fixed if he accepted to learn what we had discovered when we were working
Part 2 According to the Harvard business review on the neuroscience of trust, employees are highly productive and invest time and effort in the work they do if they are highly trusted. This high productivity is due to a better collaboration of both the group working below and those in the higher stations (Zak. Par. 2-4). To manage and create a culture of confidence the leader must undertake some activities. The first action to take is recognizing excellence. Recognition of an employee after a goal achievement immediately increases their confidence to the company and manager plus also helps the workers to strive for more excellence (Zak Par. 12-14). The second is inducing challenge stress when undertaking team task. Setting challenging but possible tasks forcing the employees to work together and help assess their progress. Also, giving them a chance to work their way builds trust.
Zak, Paul. “The Neuroscience Of Trust”. Harvard Business Review, 2017, retrieved from

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