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Different themes that you can choose from when writing an essay On Hamlet

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one of the most acclaimed literature books worldwide. It touches on a variety themes using different styles, each of which works flawlessly in delivering the expected imagery and feeling. Therefore, it is not surprising that this book has been used from middle schools all the way to colleges as a basis for writing essays.

An essay on Hamlet can be off the different themes in the book. These essays could also be of different types, including an argumentative one, a descriptive one, a narrative one or a critical one. This article will explore how you can use the different themes in the book to write an essay on Hamlet.



At the beginning of the book, we are introduced to Hamlet, a man who everyone perceives as mad. However, he uses his madness as a cover in order to probe into his father’s death and the connection of Claudius into it. Polonius notes that there is a method to the madness of the man, even though he is led to believe that it is because of Hamlet’s love for Ophelia. However, with the progression of the play, acting mad makes Hamlet lose grip of reality, hence thinning the line between what is true and what isn’t. He then has to battle these emotional issues while trying to achieve his mission of finding out who killed his father.


The issue of mortality is one that we have to deal with every day, and Hamlet explores this theme as well. After the death of his father, Hamlet is left pondering over the meaning of life and its eventual ending through death. Hamlet is obsessed with suicide, and he regularly thinks about it throughout the book. However, the uncertainty of what happens after one dies is what makes him shy away from the idea. The book explores this theme of death, raising questions such as whether kings have a free pass to heaven and whether if you are murdered you go to heaven. However, its ending doesn’t really answer any questions the book raises, rather, it leaves us wondering and asking more questions.

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Political Livelihood

The king of Denmark has just died at the beginning of the book, and there is a new one in power. This has brought an instability to the nation in Denmark, and it is slowly deteriorating. The state of the nation can also be used to foreshadow the death of most of the principal characters at the end of the book. You will also note that the state of the nation is at most times linked to the state of Hamlet’s mind, and when the latter’s mind is unstable, so is Denmark.

These are just a few of the themes that can be explored in the book, and based on which you can write an essay.

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