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Free sample paper on Social Media and Networking

The use of social media and networks has increasingly changed the manner in which individuals in the current world interact with one another. In the past, social networking only existed as a creation that was known as email which is still in use today. However, in the current world, there has been an advancement of more inventions that has involved sharing of information, photos and applications hence enhancing the process of communication. The use of social media and networks became popular in the period when Myspace, Facebook, and Friendster were launched. With time, the universal public become aware of the use of social networks thus encouraging them to adopt its use. For this reason, it positively brought impacts to many societies and the world as a whole. It enabled people to remain in contact with their families and friends across various nations. It also enabled individuals to meet other new people and share their ideas together. Social networking has also brought significant benefits to the education sector as students can access learning materials without difficulty. For these reasons, most of the individuals have reacted positively to the innovation of social networking which has greatly promoted the industry. In this paper, I will, therefore, discuss how social media and networking has positively impacted our society.
The main impact of social networking on our societies is the enhancement of communication. It has significantly allowed families and friends across the nations to stay in contact with each other. It has also enabled individuals to meet other new people thus bringing them together depending on their interests. They end up creating positive associations while trying to know one another. For this reason, it has permitted creative expression of ideas in particular by the use of blogs. Moreover, social media and networking have allowed its users to share their hobbies, poems, and interests in music, photos, TV shows and other important things that the society might need to know. Regarding invitations to events, people can also make them and sent to their families and friends. Through this, individuals across the world can enjoy the opportunity hoping for more innovations on the part of enhancing the communication sector.
Another positive effect of social media and networking is the enhancement of the education process. It has successfully allowed discussion of educational topics to take place. It has also improved the technological expertise of the students as it exposes them to a variety of ideas. For instance, through the invention of Google, students can find their research regarding the topics taught by their teachers. Social networking has also enabled learners to discuss their assignment topics with other students thus making it easy for them to seek aid on their homework. However, research has shown that sixty percent of learners on social media claim to converse about their education matters while forty percent say that social media has enabled them to discuss their assignments (Hung, 40). Additionally, social media and networking have led to more learners becoming creative, acquiring excellent communication and leadership skills and others becoming technological experts as they can see the success of other people. Through social media, many students are also able to learn through educational conferences and some via online platforms. For this reason, schools and colleges have created social networks for their students to enable them to communicate among themselves in a safe way. Many schools have also adopted the use of online platforms in doing and submitting assignments thus promoting the education sector.
Furthermore, the use of social networks has positively impacted the business community. Through these sites, many businesses can advertise on the products they are dealing. They always aim at creating attractive profiles that offer comprehensive information regarding their products that are available at affordable prices. Most business also tries to gain attention from their consumers by ensuring that their profile is available to all users of different social networks (Khang, 50). They similarly use the social media and networks to study their potential employees and to make proper decisions basing the information provided on the individual’s profile. Businesses also have also managed to market their goods and services to the general public by use of social media. With the use of social networks, many businesses in various nations are also able to engage in teleconferencing to make decisions regarding their businesses. For this reason, the businesses end up making high profits with the minimization of costs regarding traveling.
Improvement of the interaction process is another impact of social networking. It has entirely changed the way people interact with each other as they easily access to other individuals. For instance, the use of mobile phones has made people interact closely with each other. In the current world, almost every person owns a cell phone hence they are can share their status, update photos, post comments and send messages to other people. Because a phone is portable, it has permitted individuals to makes commands, receive phone calls and also log in to social networks in their free time. Research has shown that many people are using mobile social networks compared to those from computers with the reason that it is easily affordable (Oh, 70). For this reason, people are increasing accessing social media with the aim of ensuring that they can carry out their daily activities while ensuring that their activities are carried out to their expectation and also making sure that their friends and families have good times
Social networking has also offered employment to most people. It is because it has created employment opportunities for website designers, bloggers and article writers. When one has been able to share their articles, the general public can read them thus having more followers. Through this one can find a company or a person that is attracted to his or her work hence enjoying the opportunity of being paid (McCorkindale, 20). It has also enabled them to connect with clients who may be interested in their articles and area of expertise or in the case where organizations need their websites to be designed. As a result, the individuals can improve their way of living with the ability to earn money.
Through the social networking sites, individuals are also able to share their interests. For instance, when one is joining Facebook, it requires you to write down who you are and what you are doing. For this reason, it makes it easier for the users to identify and connect with those they are interested in depending on the variety of choices. On Twitter, one only follows those he or she finds that their information and ideas are of importance (Kietzmann, 35). Therefore, this has created connections with the ones who have similar interests that would have been impossible without the availability of social networks. As a result, through the ideas found, one may even find ways of creating job opportunities for himself and other thus improving their living standards.
Social media and networking have similarly offered many people a chance of finding information regarding health. In many instances, when one has developed some signs he or she may find via the internet the kind of disease he or she may be suffering from before seeking medication. Social media has also provided a platform where people are being taught in the conventional ways to live including the kind of food to abstain from certain diseases and health problems (Korda, 22). They are also instructed on where to find proper medication when suffering from a certain type of illness. As a result, this has positively influenced our society has people are trying to live according to the recommended ways thus improving the health status of the general public.
Social media and networking have also created a platform where individuals can show empathy to those facing particular problems. For instance, when an individual is facing a certain issue, he or she may post and others comment by giving relevant advice that will end up enabling him or her make appropriate decisions. In televisions and radios, many people also share what they are going through in life. The audience, in turn, listens to the problem and help the person deal with it (Gil de Zúñiga et al., 30). In other instances, people decide to help the person by raising money whenever the individual may be sick and requires medical attention.
In conclusion, the introduction of social media significantly affected our way of doing things as it has brought many positive impacts to the society. For instance, it has enhanced the communication process by enabling friends and relatives from different nations to stay in contact. It has correspondingly enabled individuals to meet other new people and share their ideas with them. Social networking has too improved the education sector by enabling students to discuss their assignments and homework online. It has enhanced the teaching process since the instructor may teach the learners online without necessarily being available in person. Improving business activities is also another impact since many businesses can advertise and market their goods and services. However, this brings them a lot of customers thus realizing high profits. Through teleconferencing, businesses can also make decisions on ways of improving their way of doing things hence reducing on time wasting. Use of social media and networking has too developed the interaction process since people can know how other people are faring on by the use of mobile phones. Employment opportunities have been created through social networking as employers can find knowledgeable people regardless of whether he requires article writers, bloggers or website designers. Social networking has also enabled people to share their interests through Facebook and Twitter. Through social media, individuals are similarly able to find information regarding the recommended ways of improving their health and where to treat a particular disease best. Lastly, social networking has enabled us to show empathy to other people depending on the problems they may be facing.
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