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How to Write a Synthesis Essay

You are probably familiar with argumentative, narrative, persuasive and critical essays. However, now your lecturer has asked you to write a synthesis essay, and you have no idea where to start or how to go about it.

This article will give you tips and directions on how to write a synthesis essay, and a few topic examples to guide you better as you attempt to write the paper.


What is a Synthesis Essay?

In order to learn how to write a synthesis essay, you need to understand what it means. This kind of essay is almost similar to an argumentative one. The main difference is that the sources for this paper are as stated by the lecturer or instructor.

For example, where you are writing an essay on whether or not abortions should be legalized, your lecturer may state that you should use only three published books which he clearly states. Therefore, you can only use the arguments and evidence that have been stated in the said books.

Note that is the sources that you have been given states a particular argument, one that is against yours, you are bound to state them. However, you should counter it with your point that overturns it.

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Steps To Take When Writing A Synthesis Essay

Go Through The Sources You Have Been Given

Read the sources that have been given to you by the lecturer. Be sure to understand them and the arguments that have been presented by each of the books.

Take A Position

Where do you stand in the argument? After thoroughly going through the sources, make a stand on what side of it you are going to take. You don’t have to particularly believe in this position, but you should be able to support it. Be sure to stick with this position throughout your paper as this makes for a strong essay.

The Thesis Statement

A strong and clear thesis statement is the bedrock of your essay, and writing it will be dependent on the position that you have taken in the previous step. This article on Writing A Strong Thesis Statement should be able to shed more light on writing an awesome base for your argument.

Write Your Outline

We don’t want you groping at the dark when writing your essay, do we? An outline is a torch you need in order to enable to write a good synthesis essay. Here, indicate your main arguments that will form each paragraph, and support arguments under each of them. Be sure to include a paragraph or two for counter arguments for the opposing points in the source books.


Knowing how to write a synthesis essay is the key to an in-depth understanding of forming and arguing against different arguments in a particularly controversial issue. Alternatively, if you need help writing or editing your essay, you can find professional help on Paper Per Hour. Simply visit our website today and place your order.

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