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Useful tips to help you write different types of personal statements

When selling something, advertisers always concentrate on the strengths of that particular product. If it is a mug, it may be described as having the perfect size with a comfortable grip and a unique design. Whoever is selling it will concentrate on its strengths to appeal to the target audience.

Similarly, when applying for a job or a college, you have to sell yourself. What makes you unique, enough to warrant you the position you are applying for? This can be done through a personal statement. There are different types of personal statements which will be discussed in this article. They include those in a CV, medical and law school personal statements.


How to Write a Personal Statement

As mentioned above, there are different types of personal statements. Each of them should be customized depending on the target audience. For example, where you are writing the personal statement to be included in your CV, focus on the strengths that will make you appealing to the employer you are targeting. Personal statements for colleges are written according to the guidelines of the said college. This means that UCLA might require a different type of personal statement when compared to the one required by Oxford.

Writing a Personal Statement for a CV

The personal statement in a CV is a chance for you to convince the employer that you are the person who is best suited for the position that you are applying for. The way you write it may be the determinant of whether you get picked or whether your CV is rejected.

There are three central questions you should answer in your personal statements:

  • Who are you?
  • What can you offer?
  • What are your career goals?

These three questions aim to inform the employer who he is getting, what the person he is getting will do for his company and how his presence there will enable the company to grow with his goals.

Begin your personal statement with an attractive description of yourself, for example; “A qualified and passionate writer with over ten years of experience currently searching for a position in marketing to utilize my skills.” As you begin this paragraph, ensure that you are consistent with your tenses and that your sentences have a flow to them.

As you don’t want to bore your audience, ensure that the personal statement is short, precise and to the point. Write it in a maximum of 150 words and in one or two paragraphs. Furthermore, a new personal statement should be written every time you are doing a CV. As you write it, the audience will be in mind, hence giving you a better chance at appealing to them.

Writing a Medical Personal Statement

Medical schools have a particular type of person that they are looking for. This individual should be bright, empathic, and should have good communication skills. With this knowledge, the personal statement you write should be able to portray you as such an individual. This gives you a better chance at getting admitted to the medicine major you want.

Some of the ideas that you can use for your personal medical statement include:

  1. An experience that changed or challenged your opinion of the medical industry as a whole.
  2. Your motivations for seeking a career in the medical industry.
  3. A relationship with a mentor or any other inspiring individual that shaped your passion for a career in the medical industry.
  4. Challenges, hardships, and obstacles that you may have experienced in your educational pursuits.
  5. A challenging personal experience.

Writing a Law School Personal Statement

Several things will determine whether you will be admitted into law school: Your writing ability, your experiences and your personality. Below are tips to use when writing your law school personal statement, including some things to avoid to get the best out of it.

  1.  Brainstorm on the different topics you can use when writing your personal statement. Write them down then analyze them by their advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Pick a topic. It is recommended that the issue you choose should be narrow to focus your ideas and experience about it.
  3. Even though it might be tempting not to be, ensure that you are as honest as you can be in your writing. Do not write what you think your interviewers want to instead, be honest. This gives your story an authenticity that will be felt by whoever reads it.
  4. Concentrate on your first paragraph as this is your only chance to make a first impression. If this paragraph is attractive and eye-catching, it will catch your reader’s attention and have a better chance at being accepted.
  5. Keep your law school personal statement simple, brief and interesting. The length should be kept short to ensure that you don’t bore your reader. Simplicity gives you authenticity because even though it might seem so, the chances are that your readers will not be impressed by big words.
  6. Finally, keeping your readers reading is the crucial part. When writing a personal experience or anything like that, concentrate on telling the story. Don’t offer an explanation on the relationship between the experience and why you want to join the law school to which you are applying. Just tell your story and give your reader a visual of what you saw, felt and experienced at the time.
  7. Proofread your work. Any written work is only as good as its rewrite, which is why you should proofread your work as many times as you can.

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