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Admission Essay for a Physical Therapy Profession-Free Example

Professionalism is the attribute that makes a physical therapist ready to do all that concerns the profession. In the medical world, there is often the challenge that professionalism can only be shown by adhering to a particular code of ethics and strictly living by them. A professional will likely justify what they do not only with clear-cut processes but with reasons for the choices made. The medical profession is about precision and accuracy. It is necessary to have the right mindset when handling professional issues. It is important for the professional to be wary of the basic issues and problems affecting their areas and fields of study from time to time. Such awareness is achieved through research. Researchers contribute to information and findings on concerns that are not exactly clear-cut or bureaucratic. They develop better ways to approach and solve a problem. This makes the profession grow.

Five years ago, a thief I encountered at a clothing store swung an iron pipe and struck my face. The trauma fractured my jaw, requiring two rounds of surgery to mend the broken bones. Unfortunately, I continued to suffer from the side effects of the surgical procedures. My neck and shoulder pain, headache, and indigestion worsened to the point that I had difficulty carrying out normal social and academic activities. I frequented several hospitals and underwent numerous exams and treatments, but my symptoms remained. Frustrated and disappointed, I began to reflect and realized that there were many things I took granted for and did not appreciate until I was injured. It was then I realized the value of physical therapists to my life.

During my studies in acupuncture, I asked a professor about my neck and shoulder pain, who is an acupuncturist and also a doctor of physical therapist. When I visited his clinic, he conducted a variety of examinations and he began to diagnose what the problem was with my neck and shoulder. When a healthcare provider understands the patient’s needs and pays attention to even the smallest of details, his attitude has the capacity to reach the patient’s heart and change his life. When he started the treatment he began to pull on my neck and press down on certain muscles around my neck but the pain and headache was still present and had not disappeared, with little optimism I returned home after the treatment. Through nearly eight months of physical therapy with acupuncture treatments, I was very intrigued about how physical therapy and acupuncture worked together. I felt a desire to learn more about physical therapy. That curiosity and desire was the driving force in my decision to become a physical therapist.

In the physical therapy profession, the client is the concern to the professional. This is because; the therapy does not involve treatment of the person using antibiotics and other drugs like in the rest of the medical professions. Therapy imposes a state of mental and physical awareness on the patient and they are more likely to be wary of their healthcare concerns. It is vital that a professional physical therapist know the basics of human pressure points and how to relieve stress. However, aside from the academic bit, they have to show very high levels of emotional intelligence, work ethic, patience and tenacity to see the client recover. I have over time improved my relationship with friends and I did not have a problem focusing on my schoolwork.

The American Physical Therapy Association argues that a physical therapist ought to be caring, accountable and show a level of ethics and respect as well (Cooke, Irby & O’Brien, 2010). There is need for the therapist to be very in tune with the psychological state of the person. This is because, the mind determines what the body can do or achieve in a great way. A professional therapist will thus excite the right attitude for a person attempting acts such as walking after surgery, use of other body limbs and body-skeletal coordination. The therapist has to be very particular about what issues hamper the growth and development of psychological and physical factors in the person. This is why it is crucial that they study people to a great extent.

Physical therapy was a life-changer to me. After successful treatment, my life was enjoyable again and I had felt that I was getting my life back. After several months, I volunteered in a clinic for more valuable and precious experience in physical therapy. A couple of months later, I became a paid assistant to a physical therapist and I was particularly interested in manual hand therapy and functional massages. When I see patients returning with improving symptoms by those techniques, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I came to learn that one of the most important things is to be able to correctly diagnose and distinguish the limits and restrictions in the patient’s movements. Working with patients has allowed me to see the various applications and endless value in the field of physical therapy.

I do not want to become a physical therapist that just treats patients, but a physical therapist that will give patients hope and encouragement to overcome their physical pain with exercises and treatments that will be able to make the functional parts of the body into the best state. Looking back, I realize that my accident had been a blessing in disguise, and had
I not gone through the pain and eventual treatments I would not be here today. I want to do my best to become a physical therapist using different methods and techniques to optimize movement and thus having a positive influence on my patients who can impact others by passing on the positivity. Hopefully, this will result in improving the human experience and transforming society

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