how to write a research paper in an hour

Here’s How To Write A Research Paper In An Hour :

Your deadline was fast approaching three days ago, but since you felt that you still had time, you procrastinated. Now you are five hours to your deadline and you can spare only an hour for the paper. How to write a research paper in an hour which will fetch you a good grade? Read our exclusive tips and tricks on how to write a research paper when the deadline is rapidly approaching and stress levels are rising.

Research Your Topic Quickly

You can do this by quickly going through the prompt as given by the lecturer then listing down a number of possible research paper topics. After this, do a quick search on Google to determine the topic with the highest number of sources. As you are working with a short deadline, it is best that you pick the research paper topic with a large number of sources for research. However, ensure that the research paper topic chosen is one in which you have some level of interest.


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How to Write A Research Paper Outline

After coming up with a topic, it is now time to break it down into different subtopics that will form the subtitles in your research paper outline. The first part should be the introduction which introduces the reader to the topic and gives a general overview on what is to be discussed. The final part should be the conclusion of the paper which gives a summary of the topic. The sections between should be subdivided depending on the length and content of the research paper, and the expectations by the lecturer.

How To Research Quickly

The grade on any paper is heavily determined by the amount of research put into it. Since you have to do your research paper quickly, with little-to-no time to do any extensive research, you have to smart your way through it. This should be done well enough to convince your lecturer that you did the research paper in more time than you did.

First, acquire the necessary books or journals, then do a quick scan of them. As you do this, check for the most important points in each of them then write these down. After, skim through the resources and write down the points that may have been repeated in two or more of the books. Repeat this until you have a list of the points starting from the most important to the least.

After this, you can start writing your research paper.


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How To Write a Research Paper In An Hour Explained

The previous steps would have probably taken up at least 50% of the time you have allocated for the assignments. As such, it is important that you write quickly while editing and citing such that the proofreading will take the least amount of time.

To reduce the time it would take to do the writing, and read from the source, have the word document and the resource source open simultaneously so that it would be a matter of moving your eyes through both as you write.

The introduction should be short and to the point. Three paragraphs are the ideal length for this research paper introduction, but this may vary depending on the length of your paper.

As you go through the body of the paper, most of which will be comprised of the contents of your research, do the citing. This will be made even easier because you had already noted down your strongest points and their sources before beginning the writing. This will reduce the time needed for editing.

Where you have used the internet to do the research for your paper and as such do not have the academic citing required, use Google Scholar. Type in your topic with a few specifications in order to narrow down your search results. Then pick the option of citing the books suggested, copy the required format and paste it into your word document.

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Research Paper Proofreading

After you are done writing the research paper, check it for any mistakes. The extent of the research paper proofreading is dependent on the time left before your deadline. The longer the deadline, the more thorough the editing.

Be sure to pass your work through Grammarly to clear the grammar mistakes. Remember that to effectively write a research paper in an hour, you need to carefully write your essay as accurately as possible to reduce the grammar mistakes and thus save time for proofreading.

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