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The four functions of management form an integral part of the duties of each and every manager. They include organizing, planning, controlling and leading. All the four functions work in congruence as without one the others would fail and provide undesirable results. This paper is going to discuss and focus on the interrelationship that exists among these four functions in detail.

Planning Function

The planning function does not operate on its own and is related to the organizing, leading and controlling function. It entails setting future targets and goals for the organization (Daft & Samson 2014). It also involves making a choice on the tasks and resources required by the organization to achieve the set goals. Planning relates to organizing function as setting out goals of the organizations requires designation of tasks involved and appropriate allocation of these resources. Proper planning entails comprehension of the environment of operation and observing the how it changes to enable good forecasting the changes. Good planning, therefore, overlaps organizing as it involves checking the details or resources needed to achieve set targets and how implementation will occur.


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Organizing Function

The organizing function greatly boosts the planning function as it helps in assigning the planned tasks to the respective employees. This function deals with designating tasks, categorizing them into departments and ensuring proper allocation of resources to the department. It also leans on the leading function to provide appropriate managerial staff to oversee proper allocation of the tasks and resource allocation. The controlling function also assist the organizing function in ensuring that progress on organizational goals is adequately monitored. In this function, tasks are allocated, and structural changes are allowed to enhance efficiency and bring diversity in organizational management. New managements can get hired, and some staff laid off in attempts to achieve set plans, and this may substantially help the organization cut on avoidable or unnecessary costs (Daft & Samson 2014).

Leading Function

This management role involves employing influence to motivate workers within the organization with the aim of accomplishing organizational goals. The leading function relates strongly to the planning function as without encouraging employees towards the goals of the organization then the set objectives will not be met. Leading often includes creating shared value and culture, conveying information regarding goals all over the organization and inspire employees with the urge for high performance (Daft & Samson 2014). Without the organizing function, the tasks allocation and motivation of employees to work towards the organizational objectives would fail. Hence for proper organization, exceptional leadership is crucial. The controlling function also relies on this function as without proper leadership then it becomes almost impossible to the progress of the set goals.

Controlling Function

It is the last function in management and entails monitoring employees’ tasks, establishing whether the company is on the right track towards set goals and taking appropriate adjustments or corrections as required. The controlling function also relates and relies on the other three functions. It borrows from the planning function as planning provides objectives that needs to be monitored. Also it relates with the organizing function since proper assignment of tasks and resources assists in efficient tracking of the goals of the organization (Griffin 2012). The leading function assists this function in knowing those responsible in motivating employees towards achieving set objectives and therefore puts them accountable. Upon proper execution of planning, organizing and leading function of the management function, the controlling function is necessary for keeping track of all the tasks towards achieving the set goals (Daft & Samson 2014).


It is, therefore, important that managers and their organizations appropriately integrate the four functions of management to achieve set objectives. The four functions overlap and interlink in all aspects of the management process.

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