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Why Is School So Easy for Some People?

I think that the ease of studying in school depends on three aspects- memory, intelligence, and environment.


After studying, our brains store what we read either in the short term or long term, depending on how well and how often we learn the concepts. I believe that it is easier to remember ideas that we have repeatedly read, rather than those we read only once. This is why students that study regularly long before their exams have an easier time recalling facts during their papers.
If you have tried cramming concepts the night before the exam, you probably remember straining to remember the words during the examination. I would advise you to read, understand, and if necessary, repeat the process long before your exams. Fortunately, you can also improve your memory through memory exercises such as mnemonics and speed reading.

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Undoubtedly, some students have higher IQs than others and have an easier time grasping concepts in class than other students. I do not think that many people have control over the intelligence they are gifted with, but a lot can be done to improve it. Perhaps you have sat in a math class and seen a classmate understand a formula the first time it is taught, and remember it without studying again.
As frustrating as it may be, it is essential for you to understand how you operate. If you need to read after class, please do. There is no shame in studying more than others.


You could have a powerful memory and a high IQ but still, fail papers because of your environment. For example, some students perform poorly because they have no peace at home, while others perform better because they have understanding and supportive parents. In my opinion, parents should express genuine interest in their children’s academic performance.
The environment also shapes the attitude a student develops towards a subject. While it is true that some students are talented in specific areas, encouraging them will go a long way in helping them improve. It is easier to fail in subjects you consider boring and pass those that interest you.

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