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10 Best Cities for Students

Which city would you like to study in? Below is a list of the best cities for students. What makes a city ideal for both local and international students? According to the university ranking organization QS (Quacquarelli Symonds), this is based on criteria that include the number of universities the city hosts, job prospects, suitability for international students, student satisfaction, and mix, the desirability of the city, and living affordability.

  1. Montreal

Montreal CityImage source:

Montreal may not be a home to prestigious learning institutions like those in Paris and Canada but when asked most students prefer it because of its low cost of living, friendliness, and nightlife. The city is an academic hub that attracts about 3,500 students every year and has 3 universities which are international leaders. McGill University is ranked 30th globally and offers all courses in English. Universite de Montreal, on the other hand, is ranked 126th across the globe and offers courses in French.

This rapid increase comes following higher immigration rates to Canada in comparison to other Western nations as well as entry concerns to the USA.  The increasing tuition fees together with the cost of living particularly for students in Europe have led to many students graduating with huge debt levels.

  1. Paris

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Paris hosts eighteen universities among other learning institutions. As a city, it is one of the most beautiful, historic and culturally vital cities in the world. Also, earning a degree here is wise career move; degrees from its universities are considered favorable equally by domestic and international employers.

Although Paris is an expensive city, its universities have lower tuition fees compared to many cities.

  1. Tokyo

Image Source:

With a population of approximately 38 million, Tokyo has a high cost of living. Therefore this explains why most international students in Asia prefer to study in Singapore or Hong Kong to Tokyo. However, according to a ranking released in 2016 by QS, the city scored fourth as far as safety, pollution, tolerance, transparency, and quality of living are concerned.

In addition, the city in question leads when it comes to financing. This means most students get job opportunities once they graduate.

  1. Berlin

Image Source:

Berlin is one of the best student cities in Europe. Germany’s capital scores highly for affordability and livability and this is evident by the number of young people (not all are students) flocking this city. Around 16 percent of the university population originates outside Germany. This is because its cultural scene has flourished in the past decade transforming into a center of art, music, design, and fashion that rivals London and New York. Also, all its public universities are free.

  1. London


Image Source:

London ranks as one of the best cities for students in UK across the globe with the most reputable universities. It is also the most diverse student city; about 41% of university students in London come from outside Britain. Probably this is because it is affordable, reflecting the weakening of the pound against the US dollar. However, when compared to Seoul and Tokyo for employer activity, this city is not a desirable hunting ground for most employers. This, therefore, explains why most students don’t intend to remain England’s capital after graduation.

  1. Melbourne

Image Source:

Melbourne is one of the best cities for students Australia; it has 220,000 students which is approximately five percent of the total population. The city is home to The University of Melbourne which ranks in the top 50 in the whole world. This city is very livable and desirable therefore you are guaranteed of a great student life. Also, medical degrees from Australia Universities are highly esteemed across the globe.

  1. Vancouver

Image Source:

Vancouver is another highly ranked Canadian city. This city is one the most beautiful places in the entire world to study in; it has a naturally elegant backdrop of North Shore Mountain on side and Strait of Georgia on the other.  It hosts the University of British Columbia which came in the 45th position as well as Simon Fraser University which is situated right at the center of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.

Vancouver is a very peaceful place and most people who move there for 6 months end of relocating there forever; about 44% of the students choose to remain and live in the city after graduating. This is because the city offers a real taste of Canadian life beyond Vancouver limits.

  1. Boston

Image Source:

Harvard and MIT are not located in Boston but they are part of the Boston metropolitan area. Given the fact that they are ranked third and first respectively, probably this is the main reason why Boston scores highly in student mix. Also referred as America’s college town, the city has numerous cultural activities such as renowned comedians like Louis CK, bands like Pixies and Aerosmith.

You will realize very few US cities have made on this list. This is because of affordability; the tuition fees in most US institutions of higher learning is more than $USD 40,000 per year. However, you can reduce these costs by getting admission in a need-blind school or securing a scholarship. Both Harvard and MIT have need-blind admission policies for all applicants including international students.

  1. Seoul

Image Source:

Probably, South Korea’s capital high ranking has to do with its 18 universities that featured in the 2016 QS ranking. The city’s top university is Seoul National University and it comes in the 35th place in the world. The institution offers more than 250 courses that are taught in English hence ideal for international students. According to many students, the city is a must-study in destination particularly because of its affordability and nightlife.

  1. Singapore

Image Source:

The best universities in Singapore are the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University which rank 12th and 13th in the world respectively. The cost of living is very affordable and the average tuition fees for all international students is around $USD 12,500. Situated next to the equator, the city has a favorable weather all year and dense tropical nature.


There are some many exciting, fun, and best cities for students to study in, each with its unique culture, style and cost of living. Nevertheless, where you select to study in, being an international student, learning about a new way of living and making friends could just be the most memorable moment of your life. Therefore select wisely and make the most of the city while you are there.

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