Tip and Tricks You Can Employ to Write a Good Thematic Essay

Educational systems in different countries include the writing of academic essays as part of the curriculum. Being a mandatory requirement, universities and high schools present their students with different academic essays, to challenge both their thinking and writing skills. One of the most popular essays is a thematic essay.

What is a Thematic Essay?

This is a type of essay that is based on a question or a theme. According to the majority of the definitions, a thematic essay author is expected to develop and explain a theme in a concrete work of literature by employing various literal techniques. These techniques include metaphor, personification, comparison, and other devices. It is important to not only identify but also to reveal the main subject of the studies work. As an author, you have to use the evidence, and the examples you have gathered from primary and secondary sources to fully uncover the theme. The examples you provide should relate various facts to obtain a rational conclusion.
Usually, a thematic essay is associated with social problems that occur in different periods of human civilization. The major challenge for writing the essay comes from obtaining an appropriate and interesting subject. On the face of it, this may not seem complicated, but it is. Why? Naturally, people view things from different perspectives, and for this reason, what may be interesting to you as an author, may be of no or little concern to the audience.
Having identified the challenge of human thinking, it is, therefore, necessary for you to understand your audience. Once you know your audience, finding the most acceptable and strongest idea becomes easier. Take time to allow for the development of pros and cons to find a turning point, which will then guide you and give you something to hold on to.
When writing, remember to be logical and coherent, in the presentation of major ideas and concepts. After identifying the most critical issues, introduce them, and then use relevant and strong examples to support each of your statements. Remember to always focus on the main argument of your thematic essay, so that every point you use, links up to the main argument.


How to Write a Good Thematic Essay

Consider the following tips before writing your thematic Essay:

  • Brainstorming: After receiving a topic from your supervisor, you have to develop a theme. Write down your ideas to ensure you do not forget any brilliant points, and also eliminate weak ones. Having a list of several ideas will help you choose the brightest one.
  • Summarize the Literature: Read the book, summarize each chapter to understand the main message in the book. What is the writer trying to deliver in each part?
  • Pick The Most Prevalent Subject: It is vital to note that there is a difference between the subject and the theme. A subject can be defined as a major topic of conversation such as war, love, bravery or deception. A theme is a major point that the writer is making about the subject. This will be the focal point of your essay.
  • Overall Significance: What is the overall significance of the author’s point? What can we learn, and how can it be applied to our personal lives?
  • The Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is one of the most important parts of your thematic essay. It is a brief claim, that explains the central argument of your paper. This single statement is the guide for your essay. Any evidence and points you provide should support the thesis statement.


Thematic Essay Outline

A Good thematic essay has three main structural components that we shall discuss below. However, the essay should be five or more paragraphs depending on the depth of your theme. It should also have a logical sequence from the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Maintaining flow in your essay will ensure that it is interesting enough for your audience to read.


The main purpose of an introduction is to present the main subject of discussion in an interesting way. The first sentences should be a hook, and to grab the reader’s attention. Afterward, you can provide relevant background information that will lay the context for your essay. Lastly, remember to include a well thought-out thesis statement that reflects the main theme of the novel.


The body of your essay will be divided into several paragraphs. In each of these paragraphs, you will provide literary evidence and provide examples that link up to your central theme. Begin the paragraphs with a topic sentence that states the main point to be discussed in that paragraph. Afterward, validate your claim using actions or statements in the plot. These examples from the novel will strengthen the reasoning of your statement. It is imperative to link back your main point to the central theme.
Your thematic essay may require four of more paragraphs to support the main theme. This means that you need several points to write the essay, and evidence for each of these points. Remember to start with the strongest points, and always tie back the point to the theme.


Your conclusion should never present new information. Instead, it should restate the thesis statement with the use of a transition, with the most popular being” In conclusion”. Summarize the main claims of your essay and state their influence on your thesis statement. To finish off your essay, conclude with a concluding statement and leave your reader with a call to action, interesting enough for them to dig deeper into.

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Thematic essay example

The best way to familiarize yourself with a thematic essay is to use an example. All the points explained above will be better revealed and applied in the example. In case you are in need of good thematic essays to read visit our blog section. Also, remember that if the thematic essay is too hard for you to write, seek professional help from our team.

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