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Smart cities have been a subject of discussion for a while having begun as a futuristic extrapolation. However, technology implementation in cities is no longer a thing of the future and implementation has begun. Some of the worlds smart cities include; Estonia, Singapore, Dubai, Barcelona and Yinchuan (in China). The goal is to improve lives for citizens while saving the city costs in the long run. Implementation of technology in Newark will bring a lot of benefits from efficiency in serving citizens, security improvement, the attraction of investment to the improvement of aesthetic presentation of the city.

Benefits of technology implementation

People often rate a city on the standards it provides in form of social infrastructure and comfort. Technology implementation automates daily tasks making people happier to live in the said city (Rujan, and Simpkinson 2018). Livelihood in the smart cities is improved through:
Attracting investors because the environment is favorable. A city is best defined by the kinds of investments in it and naturally, entrepreneurs are attracted to technology.

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By providing a suitable investment environment for investment, the city reduces the level of unemployment.
• As a smart city encourages business innovations leading to even better business opportunities.
• Reducing unemployment also helps in reducing crime.
• Better infrastructure improves the happiness of citizens.
• Smart cities are safer cities.
• Sample cities with Livelihood-changing Technology


An example of how technology improves quality is Santander in Northern Spain. Magnetic field sensors are installed in all parking lots and motorists are advised accordingly (BMW,2018). This saves people time and the mental stress associated with finding parking in a busy city. This is among other inventions like sprinklers that use soil moisture detectors to turn on sprinklers in public parks and street lights that automatically turn themselves on when someone approaches.

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Major Benefits of Technology Implementations that Newark Could Realize

1. Effective Decision making Based on Data Analysis

Technology advancement allows data mining which allows the city to collect large data. Huge data from city systems work well when analyzed to obtain meaningful and actionable data. With Buy Real Soma Online, analysis tools have been made that can find useful information from such data (Anthopoulos, and Fitsilis, 2010). An example is locating crime-prone areas to aid in the deployment of police. GIS data systems can help in city planning. More Internet of Things (IoT) technologies enables further streamlining of city decision making. Future plans include the traffic data analysis and use of street screens to offer advisory data to road users. With the increased population growth in Newark, the local government could develop better strategies with the use of technical tools.

2. Better Citizen Involvement in Government

Local governments should implement digital services that promote an easy flow of information with the citizens. Newark has a website for communication but with current technological advancements, there should be more robust methods to aid in communication (Washburn 2009). In the least, the city could develop mobile applications for the citizens interact with the local government. Just as it is in other organizations, online service portals should be developed to serve specific departments. For the citizens to develop trust in the city governance they have to be involved and have access to city information (Rujan, and Simpkinson 2018). Some of the techniques to improve cities civil engagement include:
• Making government data accessible to citizens within the convenience of their hoes
• Interactive city maps made available through the various platforms for easy navigation
• Live streaming of city hall meetings
• Active social media for the sharing of the city’s information.

The case of Louisville

The applet system used in Louisville has been acclaimed as a smart city innovation to be adopted by other 21st century cities. The system enables citizens to set alarm systems such as lighting color change in case of any alerts from their street (BMW,2018). A further function of the applet is to ensure citizens are updated in case of major events or occurrences in the city

3. Technology helps improve safety

Newark has reported main security concern in car speeding and gun control. With technology, such issues could easily be managed. Some of the innovations to improve security entails the partnership with the private sector (Anthopoulos, and Fitsilis, 2010).
• Systems enabled with cameras to capture license plates for speeding vehicles
• Detectors that can capture gunshots to alert police and minimize response time.
• Active crime center systems to collect and report complaints and alarms
• Established a CCTV camera system with analytical systems that can predict crime patterns to help stop crime before it occurs.
Songdo district south Korea
The smart district built from scratch with technology goals has sensors and cameras in all streets with well-established networks that allows both interactions with the government and also the neighbors (BMW,2018). With such establishments, a security alert is mitigated instantaneously since all neighborhood gets an alarm along with the district police center.

4. Improved Environmental Conservation

that are A city is as good as its environment. The first impression a city gives to new arrivals is its environmental condition. In 2016, New Jersey environmental control reported an average of 91 days of dirty air (Washburn 2009). This is a large figure that requires attention. Some ways technology can help curb this is:
• Setting up sensors that collect air quality data and systems that use this data to generate reports.
• Data analysis could help identify major pollutants so as to isolate causative agents and to eliminate them.
• City planning using GIS systems helps in developing with environmental concerns gathered for.
• Waste disposal systems well-coordinated to enhance better cleaning procedures

5. Improve transport System

Traffic management is generally a challenge for all large cities and Newark is not left out. The city has established all the traditional traffic control like traffic symbols and road markings well however this does not traffic concerns thus calling for other measures. Observing from its implementation in other cities, technological measures could be the answer (Anthopoulos, and Fitsilis, 2010). Such options include:
• Smart traffic signals that can generate alternate routes during peak hours.
• Parking technology that aids in redirecting motorists.
• Establishment of city guide apps that help motorists get to destinations through the shortest routes.
• Smart public transport system.


The city of Chicago launched an app worth emulating. The Chicago transport app enables citizens to monitor bus and train schedules and to even pay for their tickets in advance (Rujan, and Simpkinson 2018). Other features of the app include tracking of the public vehicles which enables accuracy in timing and picking of visitors.

Other general benefits of the technology include:

• Improvement of infrastructure by using sensors that help identify faults in public structures, roads, ports, and other civil structures to save costs of reconstruction.
• Public service effectiveness through automation of processes to ensure a better quality of service and a more cost-effective service delivery.
• The utility of public resources is enhanced with technologies like pipeline sensors to prevent leakages. E.g. Cape Town South Africa implements smart metering services to manage water use (Rujan, and Simpkinson 2018).
• Economic benefits such as attracting key players from the private sector bringing better products to the community.
• Increased access to technology through the availability of the internet with high-speed capabilities and the establishment of public wireless network access points.


Newark is a great city that is well placed in the center of New Jersey, with the implementation of technology it will be a perfect destination for investors and tourists alike. The named benefits indicate the potential the city holds. The local authorities should work towards making Newark a smart city. With the advent of technological innovations, a city that wants to be among the best, Newark must embrace change.

Washburn, D., Sindhu, U., Balaouras, S., Dines, R. A., Hayes, N., & Nelson, L. E. (2009). H Helping CIOs understand “smart city” initiatives. Growth, 17(2), 1-17.
Anthopoulos, L., & Fitsilis, P. (2010). Digital cities: towards connected citizens and governance. In Politics, democracy and e-government: Participation and service delivery (pp. 275- 291). IGI Global. Retrieved from government/42587
Rujan, A. & Simpkinson N. (2018). Thinking About Becoming a Smart City? Plante Moran. R Retrieved from thinking/insight/2018/04/thinking-about-becoming-a-smart-city-10-benefits-of-smart-c cities
BMW (2018). Smart Cities. Retrieved from h

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