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Servant Leadership


Assuming you were to implement servant leadership in your organization or another organization in which you are involved, such as a community group or a church, identify the potential areas of impact on the organization’s results based on this week’s reading and at least one reference from your research. How would you measure this area of impact?


Leadership can be defined as a relationship between the top management and the stakeholders basically the employees. This may involve positive and the negative aspect of it. In an organization, successful leaders are recognized as those who fit in the category of positive aspects. They involving bringing into action the goals of an organization and also they motivate a lot the stakeholders of the organization. The leaders mainly do focus on how they will influence other employees in an organization for the benefit of achieving the company objectives, (Papp, 2012, pg.87).

This will be highly taken into account by the servant leadership. It has been able to distinguish itself from other type of leadership due to the affect that it mainly focuse3s on its disciples of the company. This mainly impact on the company objectives, instructional activities and lastly the the management processes. These types of leadership do give a shot to meet the company objectives. This is determined by the leaders giving the company the degree of priority. This will come up with their followers doing as they say and taking into consideration on what they partake in order to meet the company goals, (Beebe, 2011, pg.56).

The company will gain its competitive position in the market and in turn, it will be able to gain its market shares. This will also result from the company growth in terms of financial. Its financial position will increase since many investors basically the shareholders will invest more money since they know that there money is well utilized, and the company will be able to maximize the shareholders wealth at a minimum weighted average cost of capital. In addition, the company will have many potential customers, who will results to the company profitability and growth, (Freeman, 2010, pg.71).


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