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Buy Diazepam Glasgow

I once watched this series, American housewife. In this particular episode, Greg (Diedrich Bader) refuses to have his daughter to Taylor (Meg Donnelly) quit acting even though she’s completely horrible at it.

Reason being? Otto’s never quit.

He also challenges Katie to learn French as a way of setting a good example to their daughter who wants to quit almost all extra-curricular activities in school. So Taylor continues being a horrible actress, Greg is miserable teaching only one student in the history class after all other students drop it, and Katie plots with her friends to lie to Greg and skip her French classes.

The episode leaves a nagging question at the back of my mind, is it really wrong to quit something when it’s not working for you? Food for thought.

As a student, there are times you just wish you can quit school. It could be that you don’t get the sense of what you are studying, how will algebra help you in life?

It can also be that you have too many assignments and projects and you feel so strained to a point you don’t think you can take any more. It could also be the fact that you are having a hard time adjusting to school life or fitting in.

Have you faced a challenge that makes you seriously think of quitting school?

Buy Real Soma Online

Well, this post is for you. Before you make that big decision answer these questions:

  • What are your motives for dropping out?

Are you burdened with the responsibility of providing for your family?

Are you a part-time student and you’re worn down by the piled up duties you ought to do?

Or are you just afraid of tests or you want to avoid Buy Phentermine.Com?

If your motive for dropping out is to just avoid homework, then quitting would be such a terrible mistake.

  • Do you have a fall back plan?

Having the right motive is enough reason to quit. What are you going to do after dropping out? Do you have some money saved up before you figure your next move? Do you have a talent or a business idea that you know will help you earn a good income?

It can be as frustrating as hell to quit school without having figured out what you are going to do after that. You may be quite a creative person but that is not reason enough. We have so many guys out there who are very talented but they are still struggling to earn a living. Ensure you have a solid plan that won’t fall through the moment you quit

Buy Diazepam Glasgow

  1. Short-term problems

Quitting means that since now you are not a student anymore, you have to earn a living. It is hard to get a good, well-paying job as a school dropout. This means that you may have to spend quite a lot of time doing strenuous activities in terrible surroundings.

  1. Long-term problems

As seen above, it is hard to get a good job as a school dropout. This means that for quite a huge part of your life, you may have to keep working on a strenuous, low paying job. Low income, longer working hours translates to health problems.

Order Valium Australia have proved that most school dropouts end up becoming accidental parents at such a young age. Most of them also end up in prison due to stealing, drug use, and other illegal activities. Having an unstable source of income may force you to rely on social welfare programs for support.

“Bill Gates dropped out and the last time I checked he was doing pretty fine,” you argue.

Well, let’s face it?

How many Bill Gates do we have?

What’s the ratio between the likes of Bill Gates and those who are suffering after quitting school?

Do the math.

Completing school is not a guarantee that life will be easier. However, it is foolishness to cut out your hands just because you think you don’t need them right now.

Benefits of not quitting

Student life can be challenging, we can’t argue with that. There will be days that are harder than most. It is on such days that you just want to throw in the towel. However, before you do that, consider the benefits that you get for not quitting:

  • You learn endurance

Endurance is a good trait to cultivate. As long as you live, you will always encounter challenging times. However, you cannot always quit the moment something becomes hard. Endurance and mental strength helps you to pull through the most difficult times of your life.

  • You understand the importance of hard work

Some things seem to be quite complicated. However, the harder the process, the sweeter the results. School may prove to be hard, however, working hard gives you essential skills needed in the job place, giving you a short at a better life.

  • Gives you a chance to earn a better income

The skills earned, the exposure through the internships and the certificate at the end of the school period put you at a better place to earn a good salary as compared to those who decide to quit.

  • School prepares you for the real world

Being in school can be quite tough at times. Talk of the hours spent in class, lots of assignments that need to be done, and the projects that demand your attention. However, what you may not see at that moment is how this prepares you for the outside world. School teaches you how to solve problems, how to work with tough deadlines, and even how to accommodate different people and beliefs.

The wisest king to ever live once said, the end of the matter is better than its beginning. It is advisable to really finish, in spite of the doubts and the challenges. It is also important to note that as much as studying is very important, it’s really not for everyone. At times you may feel really pressured to just quit and be done with it. Before you quit, talk to someone, someone you trust to help you make the right decision. It can be a friend, a family member, or even a psychologist.

Are you a freshman?

Here are the Buy Xanax 2Mg

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