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Women Oppression Essay

Women experience a lot of challenges because of their difference. Women are often abused, raped and hurt because of their weak nature, racism, and sexism. According to Crenshaw, women have stood up against such violence through shared experience or what is referred to as “identity politics”( Crenshaw, pg 1241). However, the strategy has brought a lot of differences when perceived regarding social justice. Identity politics is not in a position to transcend the intergroup differences. Crenshaw points out that women experience violence because of other dimensions apart from intergroup differences such as class and race.

Women are oppressed because of intersecting patterns of racism and sexism, structural intersectionality and political differences. Women that experience a lot of violence and abuse by their male counterparts are women of color. Women are also exploited and abused because of sexual discrimination and the law looks only at ways in which women are put down rather than the vice in itself Robert K. Fillinwider, & Claudia Mills, pg 148). Such women are underemployed, or live in poverty and would rather tolerate the violence they face than to quit. Women who migrate to the European nations to marry are also abused because they have no choice but to remain in their marriage because of the fact that they have to wait for two years before getting their citizenship. Pornographic movies also promote domestic violence where women are abused. People watch pornography and would want to experiment with their women.

The cases of domestic violence and rape go unreported because they fear for the trauma that often befalls them after reporting (Dworkin, pg. 55). For instance, if a woman reports that she was raped, the court proceedings often attract media that may expose the deed making the woman be an object of ridicule. Therefore, most women keep silent when raped and tend to carry the burden by themselves making them live with a heavy heart.

Men feel that it is right to exploit older women because they are experienced and have learned how to handle such cases but not young children. This notion is wrong, and women should be respected irrespective of age. According to Dworkin, it has become normal for women to be exploited through sex, domestic violence, and rape (Dworkin, pg 164). In fact that men at times love to have sex with hurt women who have been abused, in prostitution or those who have been shooting pornographic videos.

Women are also exploited in prisons. The police and the wardens would always rape and misuse women of color at the prison. Such women are also hurt, similar to women in prostitution who have become hopeless and had nothing to look forward to in life. Women are exploited because of gender differences where there is the dominance of male as compared to women in almost every aspect of life.

I support the notion that women ought to resist such oppression and stand up for their rights. It is true that women are in such a compromised situation and are often exploited by their male counterparts. However, just like Crenshaw suggested, women should stand up in unity and fight against such oppression through shared experience.

Therefore, it would be more decent that women who are raped or face domestic violence should report such cases for the perpetrators of such wrong vices to be prosecuted and imprisoned. However, media and courts should not expose such cases to the public because it will expose the rape victims to what Dworkin refers to as “Second Rape.”

The notion that women may play a role in promoting domestic violence and rape is not effectively explored. For instance, improper dress code and situations where women use their feminism to exploit men. In such a situation, men are often psychologically tortured and may end up raping the victims.

In conclusion, women still face gender violence and cases of rape because of racism and sexism. The victims of such vices are afraid to report the cases because they may be exposed to the public making them face more humiliation. However, women should stand up and fight such oppression through shared experiences. The media and courts should also respect the privacy of the victims and refrain from exposing such cases to protect the victims from further humiliation.



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