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50 Interesting Coronavirus (COVID-19) Essay Topics

Corona virus, the monster that has taken over the world and shut us inside. This monster has literally changed life as we know it, leaving us with so many questions and not nearly enough answers. Having touched almost all areas of our life, it is important to understand the pandemic and its effects. Since Coronavirus is something new, there are many interesting and controversial topics for your research paper or essay that you can explore. Here are 50 corona essay topics from different fields to get you started.

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Interesting Covid-19 Essay Topics and Ideas

Coronavirus and health essay topics

1. How has Coronavirus affected our overall health?

2. What are symptoms of Covid-19? What does it mean to be asymptomatic? How can we help remove the stigma that comes with the virus?

3. What is WHO doing to help different countries deal with the virus?

4. How much of WHO’s presence has been felt by different countries?

5. What are the effects of coronavirus on pregnant women? Can a pregnant woman with coronavirus pass the same to the unborn child?

6. Why are pregnant women scared of contracting coronavirus?

7. What are the effects of coronavirus on mental health? Will the pandemic lead to increased cases of mental health problems?

8. What does it mean to have Coronavirus termed as a pandemic? What other diseases have been termed as pandemic in the past?

Coronavirus and economy essay topics

9. Covid-19 and economy. How has Covid-19 affected the world economy? A look at several countries that have been heavily hit by the virus.

10. The Chinese virus. A look at the theories and the myths surrounding Coronavirus. What is the origin of the virus?

11. Coping mechanisms. How have different countries coped with the pandemic?

12. Is Covid-19 likely to cause the greatest economic recession to have ever been experienced in the world?

13. What are different countries doing to protect their economy from a complete fall?

14. Will Italy recover from the pandemic?

15. What made the pandemic to spread so much in Italy and Spain other than other nations?

16. A look at covid-19 cases in Europe. Why was Europe hit so much by the virus?

17. Explore the relationship between US and China as a result of Coronavirus. How has it improved or deteriorated the relationship?

18. How has China’s economy suffered as a result of the pandemic?

Essay topics on Coronavirus and media

19. A look at some of the people who are on the frontline fighting coronavirus

20. Coronavirus and the media. How has the media helped raise awareness concerning the virus?

21. How have fake news concerning coronavirus led to increased fear and anxiety in the world?

Essay topics on Coronavirus and sports

22. Effects of coronavirus on sports. How have sports suffered as a result of the virus?

23. A look at the effects of coronavirus on the sports men and women.

24. How many games and sport events have been cancelled as a result of the pandemic?

25. Why are so many celebrities testing positive for coronavirus?

Essay topics on Covid-19 and religion

26. How has coronavirus affected religious activities?

27. Why has the church received so many blows over coronavirus?

28. Has the virus made more people turn to faith or away from faith?

29. A look at how different popular religious leaders are dealing with the pandemic.

30. How has China managed to fight this virus better than another nation?

Essay topics on Coronavirus and family

31. Coronavirus and family. How has Coronavirus affected family life?

32. Are women happier with the “stay at home” appeal to everyone, especially their workaholic husbands?

33. How has working from home affected nuclear families?

34. What are the dangers of working from home? How are parents with small kids coping with working from home?

Covid-19 and business essay topics

35. How are companies dealing with the corona pandemic?

36. Are companies realizing that they need less employees? What the pandemic has taught the companies when it comes to having employees work from home?

37. What can governments do alleviate fear that imprisoned so many people as a result of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus and environment essay topics

38. Are the positive effects on the environment as a result the pandemic long-term?

39. How has coronavirus led to reduced levels of air pollution?

40. Will the world ever be the same after coronavirus is over?

41. Effects of coronavirus on the world politics. How have politics played out during this pandemic season?

42. How has Trump responded to the pandemic? Why has he been criticized about it?

43. How has Coronavirus affected education worldwide? How has schools closure led to new study solutions?

Covid-19 and technology essay topics

44. Coronavirus and the tech industry. The impact of coronavirus on technology. How has china defeated the virus using the technology?

45. What is the conspiracy between 5G and coronavirus? Is there any truth to it?

Covid-19 and social issues

46. Has coronavirus led to increased cases of isolation and depression?

47. Has the lockdown due to coronavirus led to increased cases of sexual harassment?

48. Will the world be ever the same again with holding hands being close to other people? Has Coronavirus permanently changed civilization as we know it?

49. Is there something in African’s genes that makes the virus not to have adverse effects on them?

50. Is it racism to have a coronavirus vaccine made in Italy tested in Africa?

Covid-19 and education

51. Impact of Covid 19 on education?

52. Online learning a d covid 19?

53. Negative effects of Covid-19 on teaching and learning

54. Positive effects of Covid-19 on teaching and learning?

55. Youtube,is it a good learning platform considering Corona?

There are so many things we can talk and write about when it comes to Coronavirus. They say the first step to solving a problem is first of all recognizing that there is one. Learning about it helps in understanding it. Good luck as you choose your coronavirus essay topic.

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