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Understanding Philosophy of Nursing: Complete Guide With Examples

By Evans May 23, 2020

What is the Philosophy of Nursing?

A nursing philosophy is a statement that combines and declares a nurse’s beliefs, ethics, and values towards the provision of care towards a patient. Though the report may seem only beneficial for academic purposes, it is a crucial part of every nurse’s career. It not only embodies their character but also creates an approach to every patient.

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How Do You Create a Nursing Philosophy?

Writing your philosophy of nursing begins with identifying your beliefs about the nursing profession. It involves answering questions like:

Why are you in nursing and not in any other trade?

Who do you believe a nurse is?

What do you think is an essential part of nursing as a profession?

As a nurse, you may be subjected to working in challenging conditions, which are emotionally draining. Patients concentrate on their healing, rather than the nurse’s well-being, which can generate conflict. As a nurse, your beliefs are an anchor when times become difficult, when you lose a patient, or when a patient gets well and leaves.

Several factors influence your perception of the nursing career. As human beings, we all have intrinsic values that contribute to our beliefs. Before writing a personal philosophy, consider what is important to you. Think about your interactions with patients, with other healthcare professionals, and the knowledge you acquired from nursing school.

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A Personal Philosophy of Nursing for Students

A profession such as nursing requires a deep connection with your values and beliefs. Ultimately, tough choices during your career are determined by your “why.” As you prepare to write your nursing philosophy paper, identify the skills and traits you feel that a nurse should have. Writing your personal philosophy of nursing will help you accurately identify why you want to become a nurse.

Understanding the connection between your “why” and your career will help you devote yourself to your career. Your personal philosophy of nursing will help you be emotionally and mentally connected to your work. Mental and emotional harmony is crucial during your nursing career.

A Personal Philosophy of Nursing for Practicing Nurses

As a practicing nurse, you may feel that you practice your philosophy every day at work. As such, it may seem pointless to write your personal nursing philosophy. However, as a nurse, you will always be under pressure to provide quality services. Working long hours in uncomfortable environments, and among unfriendly people could erode your principles.

As you struggle to meet quality demands every day, the question of your personality will arise. However, taking time will help you rediscover your goals, aspirations, values, and beliefs. Taking time to write your personal philosophy of nursing will contribute to your well-being both mentally and emotionally. Your values are crucial if you still have more than forty years of service to offer.

Writing a nursing philosophy may seem pointless, but it will help you overcome burnout and also motivate you. This document will ensure that you are passionate about your career and that you also become successful at it after several years of devotion.

How to Write Your Nursing Philosophy Paper

If you are faced with the task of writing a nursing philosophy paper, follow the steps below:

  • Start by defining what nursing means to you personally. The definition does not have to be formal but should be personal.
  • Explain why nursing is critical to you.
  • Introduce your values and traits with a story to elaborate on why nursing is important to you.
  • Explain how you plan to impact society personally through nursing. An example could be providing better services to the underprivileged.
  • Conclude by highlighting values and beliefs that are essential to you.
  • Nursing philosophy examples

    Writing a quality paper requires experience and writing skills. To write an excellent nursing philosophy, look at several nursing philosophy examples. Each of these examples will show you how to organize your ideas into a paper, not only for a good score but for personal satisfaction. By reading nursing philosophy examples, you will also expose yourself to professional language, that will help you write a better nursing philosophy paper.

    Example 1: My Philosophy of Nursing

    Nursing philosophy is the driving component towards one’s desire to become a nurse. It is very crucial because it is our natural interest towards adopting the truth. What we perceive in the nursing profession as truth is what propels us towards serving our clients.
    Read more

    Example 2: Nursing Philosophy

    Individuals have to make decisions about their lives. The decisions made could be either personal or with the help of friends, mentors and family members. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life is choosing nursing as my career.
    Read more

    Example 3: Concept Synthesis Paper on Personal Nursing Philosophy

    Nursing theories have been developed by research nurses as a way of improving patient care process This article will help you understand more on concept synthesis on personal nursing philosophy.
    Read more

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