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20+ Interesting Sociology research topics and Ideas for Your Next Project

Sociology is a field in education that basically studies people and their cultures. There are so many social issues that you can choose from. A list of the social issues include: religion, culture, sexuality, spirituality, gender, education, and social media among others. Due to the nature of this particular field, it is possible to find a very wide range of research topics to choose from. Times change fast, so do cultures and way of doing things. This is what makes sociology interesting. However, with the sea of information available concerning sociology, the question is, how do you manage to come up with an interesting, original sociology research topic for your paper?

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How do you manage to become creative with all the information floating around?

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Below is a list of some sociology research topics you can choose from. You can decide to use a topic as it is, or blend it up to make it more interesting for you.

Research Topics in Sociology

1. History of racial segregation. Impact and causes of racial segregation in the different states and cities. How inter-racial marriages have helped reduce racism. A study on racism and self-esteem. How does racism lead to low self-esteem?

2. Social media. A study on how social media has led influenced our culture today. How has social media contributed to increased cases of depressed young people? How has cyber bullying led to low self-esteem among teenagers?

3. A study on gender stereotyping. Do studies on gender help shape children’s perception on gender? A study on gender inequality in some of the professional fields. Why are teenagers having a hard time identify with one gender or another? Compare gender issues affecting a communist and a capitalist nation.

4. On culture. Compare Indian’s culture with that of US and Russia. How have foreign cultures influenced values and cultural practices of an African nation (Choose an African nation)? Analyze different cultures found in UK.

5. Marriage and sociology. How have family values changed over time? Why have divorce rates gown high in developed nations? How current social trends are triggering domestic violence.

Social work research topics

Social work is one of the most important parts of our society. Researchers have done justice in this particular field, carrying out research that has helped shape this field. However, there is still a lot that is yet to be covered, prompting students to carry out more and more research regarding the topic social work. Here are some of the social work research topics that you can choose to concentrate on:

1. Social workers in schools. How can social workers help students going through trauma? Can social workers help reduce cases of recidivism in school going teenagers? How can social workers deal with bullying in schools? Role of social workers when it comes to dealing with drug abuse and unplanned pregnancies in school.

2. Role of social workers in abusive marriages. How can social workers help women in sexually and physically abusive marriages? How can social workers help empower women in developing countries?

3. A study on effects of social working. How effective are the policies placed in place by the government for social workers’ protection? Challenges that social workers face in schools. A guide to effective transition from another career to social working.

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Social science topics

Social science is a broad field that deals with issues such as how human beings relate with each other, with the environment they find themselves in, and the society as well. There are several disciplines that are encompassed in this particular field, it is much easier to for students to choose a social science topic that is in line with their line of specialization. The process of choosing the right research topic is very important, this is the reason why we have put together several social science research topics to help ease up the process.

1. Globalization and its impact on different cultures. How has globalization changed life as we know it?

2. Effects of over-population. What methods can be used to effectively control population?

3. Depression. How has reliance on social media led to a depressed world? How can we use social media to connect more deeply with each other? How has peer pressure stemming from social media led to increased cases of depression?

4. A study on mental health disorders. How has cultural change led to increased cases of mental health patients? How to deal with bipolar patients.

5. Political science. A study on political dynasties in Kenyan government. How political dynasties are made (a closer look at UK’s government).

Social justice research topics

Social justice is one of the important fields in sociology. There are so many issues that require researchers to shed light on. This is why it is important to take your time while choosing a social justice research topic. For the students working on their dissertations, choosing the right topic is the first step to ensuring that you do well in your dissertation. Here are some social justice research topics that you can choose from:

1. Major problems being experienced by prison systems in different countries. A study on effects of overpopulation in the prisons. Prison doesn’t really help improve someone’s behavior: how true is this statement?

2. A study of the history of capital punishment. How has capital punishment changed over years? Does stricter punishment lead to reduced criminal activities?

3. What policies should be put into place to prevent crime? A study on how drug abuse leads to increased criminal activities.

4. What is forensic science? How does it help in dealing with crime?

5. Death penalty. How does death penalty lead to reduced crime rates? Is death penalty morally acceptable?

6. What’s the difference between murder, manslaughter, and homicide? How are their punishment different?

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