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Can canvas detect cheating? Expert answer

By Evans Oct 28 2021

Do you have a quiz or assignment on canvas and want to find out if canvas can detect cheating on its platform? We have all the answers, tips and tricks, dos and don’ts. If you are not familiar with canvas, it is a course-management system that instructors and professors use to post course material, from assignments to quizzes, etc. now to serious questions. Does canvas detect cheating? Quick answer: yes. Canvas has strict restrictions for quizzes that make it seem impossible to traverse. So yes, canvas can detect cheating but with our tricks, you will navigate the Canvas system like a pro and get the grades you deserve!

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How does canvas detect cheating?

Several tools can be integrated into canvas to minimize cheating. Turnitin is one of these tools that check for plagiarism in uploaded assignments and quizzes. Other tools that can be integrated into canvas are proctoring systems which could be monitored by a human or AI

Can canvas detect copy-paste?

You might be asking yourself, can canvas detect cheating through copy-pasting? Canvas cannot tell if you have copy-pasted content. However, canvas is integrated with a plagiarism detection tool that can tell when an answer has been copy-pasted from the internet. To avoid this, make sure you paraphrase everything you have copied from the internet. It is necessary to note that some proctoring tools disable the clipboard making it impossible to paste. If you notice the canvas is proctored, the copy-pasting function might not work.

Can canvas detect open tab/ tab switching?

You might ask can canvas detect cheating if I open another tab? Canvas cannot detect if a student has opened a new different browser. However, if the Canvas is proctored using an AI proctoring software integrated by your professor or teacher, the proctoring software can monitor browser activity. If you switch tabs on a proctored canvas, the proctoring system will detect that and flag you. Check whether your Canvas is proctored. If it is, you can use meticulously placed notes, or other devices, such as a phone to use a different internet browser.

Canvas can also detect the opening of another tab using an activity log. The time taken without interacting with the canvas tab may cause flagging. If you spend 30 seconds without interacting with the canvas tab, you’ll be flagged for cheating.

Keep reading for clever hacks to cheat on your canvas quizzes/ assignments.

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Clever hacks to cheat on canvas quizzes

1.       Write down all the necessary information you need on a word document before starting the canvas quiz.

Make sure your notes are short and precise. Doing this will make it easier for you to refer without leaving the canvas window. You could additionally place the word window and the browser window side by side to avoid switching windows.  

2.       Make your searches on another device located next to the screen of the laptop desktop to prevent webcam detection. In the case of webcam proctoring, you could place your phone or tablet in a blind spot and search while seeming to be looking at the computer screen. A common blind spot is on the laptop screen directly below the webcam.

3.       Use a custom browser that allows screen sharing between you and your friends. Using the custom browser a friend not doing the quiz/ not from your class can view your questions, look for answers and send them to you without detection.

4.       Manipulate the 30 seconds inactivity window. Use the time to search for the content while moving back and forth between the searching window and the canvas window to avoid detection. Make sure to stay within the 30 second time limit.

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You could capitalize on network failure occasions to conduct a search. Ensure to take a screenshot as evidence of the network failure. You could ask a person to turn off the wi-fi and while it resets, you could use your personal phone data to search for answers.

6.       Proctoring can be a pain, with a disabled clipboard, full-screen mode, webcam monitoring, and other deterrents that are designed to stop you from cheating. Your best bet is a small piece of paper with all the answers you need, or most of them at least placed in a strategic position.

5 More Clever hacks to cheat on canvas assignments.

1.       Use a professional writing service. You could hire a professional writer from one of the many online assignment help services and submit the paper you get from there.

2.       Copy from your friends. You could take the assignment your classmate has done and paraphrase it then submit it as your own. Another smart trick is using multiple classmates' assignments to earn higher points. Make sure you list your answers differently.

3.       Copy-paste the questions onto your browser and paraphrase the answers you get. It is common for professors to repeat assignments. You are likely to find the same assignment in paper-selling websites or in some cases, free websites.

4.       You can discuss the assignment with your classmates/ peers on another platform. Ensure your instructor cannot access your discussions, otherwise, you could be penalized for cheating on your assignment.

5.        Ensure you paraphrase all copy-pasted content to make sure your assignment is not flagged as plagiarized.

6.       In case the instructor allows for resubmission after a plagiarism report, you could submit the assignment then change the plagiarized parts to earn extra points.

To finalize, as a smart student, make sure you have several failsafe plans to beat the stringent anti-cheating canvas laws. Look out for proctored Canvas. Use the tricks that fit the settings of your canvas quizzes and assignments. Importantly prepare for your quiz by studying for it in case you lack the opportunity to use the hacks above. All the best in your canvasing endeavours.


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