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20 Latest Business Research Paper Topics and Ideas To Get Started

Business world is really wide. McDonald’s corporation is a business, so is that nameless sweet stall around the corner of your home. There are numerous things you can discuss when it comes to business. Every academic field has a business side to it. So is almost everything in life. The catch is, getting a business research paper topic that will be beneficial to the business world. A good business research paper should educate business people, shed some light on a particular business aspect, and even help improve how businesses operate among others.

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When I got to do my own business research paper, I was excited at the possibilities that lay ahead of me. I felt like it was my chance to change the world. As a business student, having gone through countless case studies, there are so many things you wish businesses would do different. There are things that if you were asked, you would like the business world to concentrate or not concentrate on. However, I realized that I couldn’t do it all. I had to calm myself down and choose a topic that was meaningful to me and to my readers. I realized choosing a business research paper topic was not easy; but once I settled for one, everything else just flowed.

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Technological development has affected every aspect of life. Media, for instance has been changed very much by technology. The rise of new media has brought lots of benefits as well as challenges with it. Are you looking to do a research paper on this issue? Well, here are several questions to inform your research:

To save you from such a traumatic moment that I had, I have several business topics for a research paper that can really help you understand what you want to do with your research paper. I strongly believe you will find that one topic that will speak to your heart.

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Business ethics research paper topics

The more the business world evolves, the more business ethical issues we have to deal with. In order to be successful, every business must meet a specific ethical standard set by the regulatory bodies. Ethics in the business world is a hot topic that more and more people want to not only learn about, but also comply with, for the benefit of their business, the stakeholders, and the world at large. Here are several business ethics research paper topics you can consider for your paper:

1. Impact of gender discrimination on a company’s performance. How does gender discrimination affect business growth? What are the policies that help prevent gender discrimination in work places?

2. Business and pollution. Choose two renowned corporations and study their environmental policies. How do their activities lead to pollution? What strategies can the said organizations apply to help reduce pollution? What does the community have to say about these organizations when it comes to environmental matters?

3. A look at how desire for more profits leads to production of lower quality goods. What is the relationship between profit and quality? What policies have been put into place to protect consumers from low quality products? Do organizations follow these policies? A study on how desire for greater profits ruined a once famous company after it produced low quality goods that affected the health of the consumers.

Business law topics for a research paper

Does your professor want you to write a research paper on business law and you have no idea where to start? Well, I am here to give you an idea.

1. The impact of contract laws on the business. What are some of the most common termination agreements? A look at a well-known case where an organization failed to follow the termination agreement and the repercussions of that mistake. How does contract law apply when it comes to business transactions? How to avoid duress when signing a contract.

2. Business law and employee protection. A study of how business law protects the rights of employees.

3. Business law and international trade. What are some of the pitfalls that international traders fall into? What are some hidden policies that business people fail to notice when carrying out foreign trade? An interpretation of what law says about international trade.

4. The impact of signing a non-disclosure agreement. The pros and cons of a non-disclosure agreement when it comes to employees rights. Why and how is a non-disclosure agreement crucial to a business?

Business management research paper topics

Business management is an area that has evolved drastically. What worked five years ago is not applicable to the modern business world. This is why there is need for constant research when it comes to business management.

1. Business management and technology. How has the technological growth impacted business management? How has social media led to change in how stakeholders relate and communicate? A study of a famous organization that has drastically declined in growth as a result of failing to keep up with technology (Choose Nokia or another corporation that you know).

2. Relationship between management and employee satisfaction. How can management keep their employees motivated? A study of a particular field that has less motivated employees and what can be done about it (Choose banking or accounting).

3. The impact of good credit management. How does good credit management lead to effectiveness and profitability in business? A look at how poor credit management has led to downfall of some successful businesses.

International business research paper topics

International business is pretty broad, an issue that greatly affects students when it comes to choosing an international business research paper topic. We help you make the right choice by giving you a sample of research paper topics that can inspire you.

1. Effectiveness of McDonald’s internationalization strategy. A look at how McDonald has managed to go international.

2. Brexit’s impact on international trade. How has EU economy suffered as a result of Brexit? Who has profited from Brexit?

3. A look at different internationalization strategies and their effectiveness.

4. Government policies and international trade. What are some of the policies that hinder companies from going international? A look at how governments protect their local companies from globalization.

Business communication topics for a research paper

There is no business without communication. Good communication skills go a long way in helping and contributing to the growth of a business. It is therefore a very interesting field to base your research on. Here are several ides you can choose from:

1. The role of communication on negotiations. A look at some great negotiations that went through as a result of good communication skills. How can poor communication lead to failure at the negotiation table?

2. The effectiveness of high emotional intelligence in improving communication with employees.

3. Impact of good communication of business growth.

4. Effectiveness of business communication strategies applied by organizations such as Apple and Coca-Cola.

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