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Interesting Computer science research topics and Ideas for Your Project

Computers have become an essential part of our day to day lives. They have made life easier, from studying, to working, ordering goods online among others. Technology is something that changes faster than anything else. New technologies are invented each and every day. Due to this reason, it is paramount for computer science students to stay updated with the current trends. Computer science papers are meant to ensure that the students have an understanding of different concepts in this industry.

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Writing a research paper can be a bit difficult. It can become even more difficult if you choose a terrible computer science research topic. The best way to choose a research topic is to ensure that you are conversant with the concept you choose to concentrate on. It is also very important to look for a computer science research topic that is interesting and captivating to you. You do not want to work on something that bores you to death now, do you? Here’s a list with topics for computer science project that you can choose for your own project:

Computer Science Research topics

1. 5G wireless network. Is this the future? Is 5G going to replace WIFI? A study on Apple’s 5G iPhone. How different is it from other iPhones?

2. Blockchain. What is blockchain technology? How is this technology changing the future? A look at some of the companies that are using blockchain technology. What difference has Blockchain made to these businesses?

3. The future of the computers. Where are we headed in terms of technology? What place do the robots have in our future? What impact will the robots have on our economy and morality?

4. Cloud storage. How effective is cloud storage? What is the future of cloud storage? Is the future of the data storage on cloud? What are the alternatives?

5. Artificial intelligence. The controversies surrounding AI concept. Dangers of AI. How is AI causing unemployment?

6. Programming. Why do programming languages keep coming up? What’s the importance of having so many of them? A comparison between old programming languages and the new programming languages. What does the future hold for Java programming language?

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Cyber security topics for research

Almost everyone has access to internet now. While this is a good thing, it leaves us exposed to online criminals who will not stop at anything until they achieve their goal. Everyone with access to internet is at the danger of the fraudsters. Organizations are at a greater danger, and will do whatever it takes to protect their data and money. As online fraudsters increase, so do cyber security specialists, as they try to come up with great weapons that are meant to stop the fraudsters right on their steps. Cyber security is basically the art of protecting devices and networks from attacks. This is an interesting field to study, given its ever-changing nature and importance to the human beings. Carrying out a research on cyber security is important as it helps one gain a greater understanding of this amazing field. If you are having a hard time coming up with cyber security topics for research, fret not. We got you covered. Here’s a list of cyber security topics that you can choose from:

1. Data loss. A study on several ways that data can be lost. A comprehensive study on how big companies lose data and the impact of data the data lost. How is lost data restored?

2. Third party and cyber-attacks. How the cyber risks related to third parties are on the rise. What are some of the breaches that are caused by third party? A study on the cyber-attacks supply chain.

3. Social media and cyber security. What are some of the cyber threats found in social media? How can someone evade the cyber threats in social media? What are some of the ways that cyber security specialists can deal with security risks in social media?

4. Authentication process. What are the three types of authentication? A study on cryptography based authentication methods. How effective are they?

5. Antimalware and cyber-attacks. How does antimalware software work? How do you pick the right antimalware software for your firm? What are some of the most effective antimalware software?

6. What is an encrypted virus? How does it work? How has virus encryption evolved over time? What is a crypto locker? What are the risks of a crypto locker in a computer? How can you minimize chances of having your device affected by a crypto locker?

Topics about technology for research paper

Technology is a very important part of our life. There are so many fields that are excited and concerned with the direction that technology is taking, from computer science, to business, and even sociology. Technology can fit in almost every other academic field. This is the reason why your professors will always give you a research paper on technology to work on. Such kind of assignments will always be regarded differently by different students. Some will seek to have someone do it for them, others will seek to find a way of doing it by themselves. If you choose to work on your own paper, worry not, we are here to help you with topics about technology for research paper. Here’s a list you can consider:

1. AI vs. human brain. AI has been advancing steadily over the years, becoming more and more like the human brain. How is AI still different from human being? What is the impact of the steady AI advancement?

2. Impact of gene editing. How can gene editing deal with some of the crisis we have in the world? What are some of the problems that come with gene editing?

3. Use of internet by children. Should we restrict how much the children are using the internet?

4. How effective are the medical Apps? How does use of the medical apps lead to harming of the patients? How has technology helped the medical world?

5. VPNs. A look at how VPNs have helped users stay anonymous. How safe are the VPNs?

Technology is vast. It cuts across every aspect of our lives. This means that there is a sea of information flying around concerning technology. The above is a list contains research topics and questions that you can use to shape your paper. Have fun as you do your paper.

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