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40+ Entertainment speech topics to keep your audience delighted

By Evans AUG 25, 2020

To some, public speaking is a walk in the park. To the majority, however, public speaking is one of the hardest things you can ever do. Most students find themselves faced with the task of writing a speech at least once in their school life. While this is not an e topic topic topicasy task, it is amazing in that speech writing helps you develop not only great speech writing skills but it also removes the fear of public speaking.


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When faced with a task to write a speech, it is very important to choose a topic that you can easily identify with. You need a topic that makes you be at ease. Choosing an entertaining speech topic is like having a cold drink on a hot day…very refreshing! We have several entertainment speech topics that you can choose from:

Entertainment speech about school

As a student, you spend a lot of time in school. This gives an opportunity to create great, funny, and sometimes crazy memories. It is in school that most students experience love, crushes, betrayal. It is life in school that opens some students to leadership among other things. There are so many entertaining topics relating to school life that you can find. We have sampled a few for you:

  • Why students prefer texting instead of calling.
  • Why give me a book while I can just have a movie.
  • Why Mondays shouldn’t be school days.
  • The worst excuse I’ve ever given a teacher.
  • The lies students believe.
  • What you should never wear to prom.
  • Wearing braces. Pros and cons of it.
  • The strictest teacher I’ve ever met.
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    Entertainment speech about love

    Everyone has some experience with love. There’s always someone you’re crushing on, someone you’re madly in love with, or someone you lost. Love stories of any kind are quite entertaining. When choosing an entertainment speech topic, love is an area that you can’t go wrong with. You can choose to give a personal experience, tips to people going through the same thing, or something that a loved one has gone through. Here are some love topics you can choose from:

  • Why blind dates should be declared illegal.
  • Why people cheat on the first date.
  • Love, at first sight , is just but an illusion.
  • How I lost my first girl/boyfriend.
  • Why it’s called a crush
  • The cost of forgetting an anniversary. 
  • Why the relationship between colleagues never works out.

    Entertainment speech topics on family and relationships

    You can never possibly exhaust all the memories you have shared with family. Your entertaining speech doesn’t have to be about a very important event. It can be from a random family moment. What makes the difference is how you package it. When it comes to remembering random interesting moments? Let your mind surprise you!

  • The best dad joke I’ve ever heard
  • The cruelest joke my siblings have ever played on me
  • The worst lie I’ve lied to my mother.
  • The day I forged my mom’s signature to avoid getting in trouble.
  • The day dad cooked for us.
  • Describe the day your mom took a vacation from parenting and the events that followed.
  • What do you love the most about your family?
  • How family can embarrass you in front of people who think you’re cool.
  • Entertainment speech topics about childhood

    There’s always a sense of Deja vu that you experience anytime you talk or even think about your childhood. Childhood stories are the kind of stories that can make a conversation going for long even with someone you’re not close to. Do you want to write an entertaining story that will leave your audience completely hooked? Try writing the speech revolving around your childhood and watch as the magic unravels! Here are some topics to jog your memory:

  • What they never tell you about growing up.
  • Why I miss my childhood.
  • My most embarrassing childhood moment.
  • My best childhood/movie.
  • The most memorable childhood moment.
  • Describe your hideaway as a child with your friends.
  • Are you still in touch with your childhood friends? How has your friendship changed over time?
  • Entertainment speech about social media

    Social media has taken so much space in our lives for us to ignore it. It is via social media that we get to interact with friends who are far from us, connect with our favorite celebrities among other things. There are uncountable topics you can write an entertainment speech on. Some include:

  • How autocorrect almost ruined my life.
  • Netflix ruined my dating life.
  • Why my mom is not my friend on Facebook.
  • Some of the reactions we want added on Facebook.
  • The day I made a fool out of myself on Twitter.
  • Why Twitter is not for everyone. 
  • How social media has made us anti-social.
  • Entertainment speech about music and entertainment world

    Music is the food for the soul. So they say. We all love music in our own unique ways. There will always be some kind of music that appeals to you. Music is more than just well-arranged words with some beats. Some kinds of songs hold a very sentimental value to us. You may have a song that reminds you of someone or an important event in your life. Some songs have literally brought us out of tough situations. There’s nothing sweeter than writing a speech on something you really love now, is there?

  • The funniest Despacito version.
  • Why reality shows are the new fake.
  • How Money Heist (or another movie of your choice) made us support criminals and thieves.
  • The first day I went to a party
  • If you were a Harry Potter character, who would you be and why?
  • How fairy tales ruined our childhood.
  • Talk about the song that holds a sentimental value to you.
  • Which Marvel character are you similar to?
  • The funniest movie you have ever watched.
  • Describe the saddest song you have ever listened to. 
  • Writing a speech on entertainment is supposed to be fun. This is one of the few school assignments that you should enjoy working on. The first step is choosing the right topic. Once this is done, come up with a speech outline and start working on your paper.

    Final Thoughts

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    We've helped over 1000 students earn better grades since 2017.
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