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20+ Interesting History research paper topics and Ideas

History research papers are interesting to write. To most people however, history papers are difficult, and still to some, completely uninteresting. This is because history requires lengthy reading, something that most people are unwilling to do. What most people don’t realize is that the fun is in brainstorming different ideas and getting lost in some of the amazing historical facts. Granted, not everything historical is interesting. However, giving up because of this is the same as giving up on roses because they have thorns. Before choosing a research paper topic in history, you will have to be ready to get into the heart of historical events. As you do this, you will get to understand different historical events, when they happened, where and why they happened. Here are some interesting history research topics that you can choose from:

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History Research Paper Topics

1. A study on martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream speech.’ How has his speech impacted the world until today? A study on politicians who have followed after his footsteps.

2. A study on slavery. Impact of slavery on the world economy. Does the West owe Africans and African-Americans an apology for subjecting them to slavery? Abolition of slavery and its effects in the world.

3. Neo-colonialism. An in-depth study of neo-colonialism, its meaning, and how it is carried out. Are the developed countries still colonizing their developing counterparts? A look at African countries’ reliance on the west and how the west is taking advantage of this.

4. Industrial revolution. The history of industrial revolution in the world. Compare it with the history of industrial revolution in your own country.

5. China’s rise to power. A study on the history of China. What informs China’s steady economic growth? A comparison of China and USA economic growth, relationship with other nations, and foreign policies put in place

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American history research paper topics

America has such a rich history. It is mesmerizing to learn how America came into being. There are so many American history research paper topics to choose from, from politics, war, to economic revolution. It is therefore very important to first of all understand your area of interest and choose US history research paper topics from there. History is basically anything that has happened in the past concerning human beings. This means that you have a variety of topics to choose from. Here is a list of some of the US history research paper topics to choose from:

1. America’s colonization. An in-depth study of the colonization. How the colonial era affects American today.

2. A study on the history of Native Americans. What are the mythical stories surrounding Native Americans? Discuss the culture of Native Americans. How different is it as compared to other cultures in America? How unique is the Native American’s way of life? How does it compare to Indian’s way of life?

3. A look at Los Angeles history. How L.A and California at large has developed over time. A study on the planning of L.A. How has the poor planning led to over-congestion and crazy traffic? What can be done about it?

4. A look at Abraham Lincoln’s life. Why is Abraham Lincoln considered to be the best president US has ever had?

5. A study on Mexican-American war. How did the Mexican war lead to civil war? Impact of Mexican-American war. Why did Mexico lose the war?

6. America’s foreign policy. Its history, development, and permanent bases in different countries. How America’s foreign policy has changed during Trump’s era. How do the Americans view this policy?

World history topics

World history is one of the widest fields in the history. This is because it encompasses everything that can be recorded as history in the world. World history topics range from major wars, notable revolutions, differences and similarities between major civilizations, and major changes in the world among others. Writing a paper on world history will help you sharpen your skills when it comes to understanding and connecting major events. Here is a list of world history topics you can choose from:

1. The great depression. What are the causes of the great depression? How did it affect the world’s economy? A study on the superpowers born out of the great depression. How recession affects different nations.

2. A comparison between communism and capitalism. A look at their strengths and weaknesses. How has communism failed in its objectives?

3. History of art. From medieval to modern art. How has art changed? How has art changed the world? How has people’s perception towards art changed?

4. The Vietnam War. What caused it? The parties affected by the Vietnam War. Can the consequences of the Vietnam War be felt today?

5. The world wars. How did the two world wars shape life as we know it today? What are the consequences of the cold war?

6. Terrorism. A look at the history of terrorism. How much has the world suffered as a result of terrorism? How has media coverage helped in aiding the terrorists’ agenda?

7. Women and leadership. A look at how the world’s perspective concerning women in leadership has changed.

8. Alliances that have made history. How alliances between countries have led to economic development. A study on how some alliances have led to creation of dangerous weapons in the world.

9. Propaganda. A look at propaganda’s history. How propaganda tactics have changed over time. How has propaganda led to disagreements between countries?

These are just but samples of what you can choose from. As you choose your history research paper topic, be keen on getting the facts. Don’t give your audience too much information that they will be bored halfway through the paper. Make it interesting, make your audience experience that particular historical event. Remember, you got this. All the best.

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