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How to write a domestic violence essay [Plus 28 topics on domestic violence]

Domestic violence is more common than we would love to admit or even imagine. It often takes various forms. Psychological abuse is as much of domestic violence as is physical assault. It can also include sexual abuse. Domestic violence always ends up leaving the victims depressed, feeling unworthy, in pain, and sometimes even death. For a social science student, domestic violence is an excellent place to base your essay. Working on a domestic violence essay is good in that you gain knowledge that you will need not only for good grades but that knowledge can save you in a real-life situation. Before we get to essay topics you can base your research on, let us tackle a few issues concerning writing a domestic violence essay, shall we?

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Domestic violence essay format

This kind of essay follows the standard essay format. Your professor may ask you to write a domestic violence essay as:

  • Argumentative essay reflection paper
  • Descriptive essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Therefore, your essay will depend mainly on the instructions given by the instructor. This is how you should structure your paper:

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    Domestic violence essay introduction

    Domestic violence essay introduction is the first part of your essay. We all know that first impression is critical, right? You need to make a great impression to your readers in this first part. Introduce what your essay is about. Let your audience feel what you want them to feel concerning domestic violence. A good domestic violence essay introduction leaves the audience with something to ponder about. Something that will make them desire to read through the rest of your paper.

    Main body

    This should comprise at least three paragraphs; each paragraph should contain one central concept. Ensure that you support every idea well. Let your main body flow seamlessly. This can be achieved, for example, by subtly introducing the second concept in the first paragraph. This will help ensure there are no gaps in your essay.

    Domestic violence essay conclusion

    The end of the matter is always more important than the beginning, right? This is a good reason to ensure your conclusion is great. You can achieve a great conclusion by summarizing your main body, re-stating your thesis, or even reflecting on domestic violence.

    Domestic violence essay topics

    Understanding the format is very important. However, the format enough is not alone. You need to fill the structure with something that is of the essence. The following domestic violence essay topics have been provided for you to choose from:

    1. Impact of domestic violence on the victims

    2. Why most domestic violence victims do not report

    3. The role of gender when it comes to domestic violence

    4. A look at how religion leads to increased or decreased domestic violence cases

    5. Research on why victimized women kill their husbands.

    6. Violent dating trends

    7. A study on rape in a marital setting.

    8. How domestic violence leads to raising bully children

    9. Domestic violence and increased unproductivity.

    10. How domestic violence has led to increased cases of mental diseases.

    11. A study on how drug abuse leads to increased instances of domestic violence.

    12. Why there are increased cases of domestic violence in Africa

    13. Prevalence of elderly abuse in US.

    14. Impact of child abuse on their mental health

    15. A comprehensive study of intimate partner violence.

    16. Why are women attracted to obsessive, violent men

    17. A look at narcissism as a form of domestic violence

    18. Why victims stay in abusive marriages.

    19. How Christianity deals with domestic violence among Christians.

    20. Violence against people with disabilities.

    21. Why most military men are violent in their homes.

    22. How do domestic violence laws differ in different countries?

    23. The effectiveness of domestic violence laws in curbing domestic violence.

    24. Laws against stalking and their ineffectiveness.

    25. Classifying an obsessive man

    26. How cheap liquor and poor policies concerning it leads to homicide

    27. How social class influences domestic violence

    28. Why there are increased cases of domestic violence in under-developed countries.

    Getting the title for your essay is an excellent step in the right direction. However, you need to do more to ensure that your domestic violence essay paper is worth the attention you need it to get. This means you need to do serious research. For example, if you choose to deal with ‘domestic violence against people with disabilities,’ you need to research. Understand why such violence takes place.

    How does violence affect such people?

    Remember to follow your instructor’s requirements correctly. If you are supposed to write an argumentative domestic violence essay, be sure to include the necessary arguments to support your stand.

    Final thoughts

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