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50+ informative speech topics and tips for your next assignment

By Evans AUG 25, 2020

To inform is basically tell someone something (that they probably don’t know or they have forgotten). An informative paper therefore is a paper that you write with an aim of sharing information with your readers. We love telling people stuff now, don’t we? I meant, what’s so difficult about sharing information? An informative paper is one of the most common papers you will ever have to write. It is something you start dealing with in middle school. This means that it shouldn’t be hard. However, there is something that happens when you are told to work on such a paper. Suddenly you find yourself wondering where on earth to start from.


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Unlike some other academic papers, informative papers should be 100% factual. An informative speech or essay is not about subjecting your opinion to others. It is about telling them something factual that they do not know. It includes not must what you know, but what experts in that particular field say about your topic.

When writing an informative essay or speech, you need to ensure that your audience not only get the information you want to share, but that they can engage and apply it as well. Consider someone writing a recipe on how to prepare chicken. The recipe will only be usable if the recipe follows the right steps. Otherwise, someone may have all the necessary ingredients but still make a mess out of it. Your paper needs to be systematically arranged to benefit your readers.

They say, first impression is everything. When working on an informative speech, the first thing that your readers will interact with is your topic. A good topic not only catches the attention of your readers, it also informs how informative paper will look like. See how I played with words there? No? Okay. Back to the story. A good topic makes a good paper. We have compiled a list of informative speech and essay topics that you can choose from, since we understand that coming up with a topic is not really easy.

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Interesting informative speech topics

A wise person writing this once said, choose the right topic and you’re halfway done with your speech. A good topic can be all you need to do away with the panic of writing an informative speech. When choosing an informative speech topic, consider:

  • Your audience. A topic can be so right, yet directed to the wrong audience. You need to choose a topic that your audience can relate with. A vegetarian doesn’t need to know the dos and the don’ts of preparing beef. Well, not as the primary targets anyway.
  • Your interests. You do not need to choose something that you have no interest in. such a topic will be nothing but a headache to you.
  • Your field. You don’t need to write a speech on literature when you are a science student. You can, but for what?
  • Business informative speech topics

    1. Businesses cannot survive without online marketing. Discuss.

    2. Emotional intelligence is very crucial in management.

    3. Low employee retention rate is always caused by no motivation.

    4. How employee training leads higher productivity.

    5. Great human relations lead to a better working environment.

    6. Government regulations are unfair for startups.

    7. Artificial intelligence doesn’t support economic development in the long run.

    8. Strategies you need for the success of a new business.

    Literature and communication informative speech topics

    1. Why modern books don’t have as much impact as the old books?

    2. Why writer’s block is a thing and how to deal with it.

    3. Technology has negatively affected publication and readership of books.

    4. The impact of Shakespeare in the modern literature.

    5. An analysis of the Victorian literature.

    6. Helping a child deal with communicative disorders.

    7. Men and women communicate differently. Expound.

    8. An analysis of Jane Austen’ pride and prejudice.

    Science and health care informative speech topics

    1. Animal testing should be made illegal.

    2. Caffeine is not really that bad for your health.

    3. Dangers of transhumanism.

    4. Solar energy is the future of power generation.

    5. Impact of steroids on human body.

    6. How to live with a pandemic

    7. How to live with an airborne disease as a pandemic.

    8. How to keep your mind strong always.

    History informative essays

    1. How slavery shaped USA.

    2. How art has evolved over time.

    3. Slavery is over but African Americans still have a slavery mentality.

    4. The significance of industrial evolution.

    5. Impact of anti-Semitism in Germany.

    6. Positive impact of the main wars witnessed in the world.

    7. The history of Olympics. Are they still significant?

    8. An analysis of some pandemics that have happened over time.

    Interesting psychology informative topics

    1. How to help children with mental health issues.

    2. Does hypnosis help break addictions?

    3. War veterans should be subjected to mandatory therapy.

    4. Why therapy is not so effective in teenagers.

    5. How to help children overcome phobias.

    6. Social media has contributed immensely to mental health issues especially in teenagers.

    7. Freud Sigmund’s theories are not relevant today.

    8. Why identifying mental illnesses at an early stage helps treat it.

    Schools and education informative topics

    1. Why Finland’s education system is regarded as the best.

    2. Most African countries need to re-evaluate their education systems.

    3. Why face to face studying is much better than online learning.

    4. How schools can control and even end cyberbullying.

    5. Should children with special needs be segregated?

    6. Parents are to be blamed for poor performance of their kids.

    7. Differences between African education system and European education system.

    8. Caffeine should be banned in schools.

    Final Thoughts

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