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Interesting Research Paper Topics on Nationalism and Media

Media is a field that cuts across every other aspect of life. The main function of media remains to inform. Nationalists use media to inform the public and to make the public care about certain causes and policies. Media and nationalism is a wide topic for any student who wants to do a research paper on it. Both Nationalism and media can stand as fields on their own. If you're looking for research topics for media on its own, you can check media research paper topic. However, when put together, a student should look for research topics that bring out the relationship between the two. If you've been tasked with coming up with a research topic for nationalism and media and you have no idea where to start, worry no more. Below are several research topics and questions that you can check up:

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1. Impact of technological developments in the media industry

Technological development has affected every aspect of life. Media, for instance has been changed very much by technology. The rise of new media has brought lots of benefits as well as challenges with it. Are you looking to do a research paper on this issue? Well, here are several questions to inform your research:

1. What is the impact of technology on Media industry?

2. What are the good and the bad of new media?

3. An analysis of the trending technological developments and their effect on the media.

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2. Influences of media on public islamophobia

What comes to your mind when you see a Muslim, or find one trending on social media? The western media has portrayed such a negative image of the Muslims, such that Muslims are seen as extremists and oppressed people. Do you want to cover a topic on Media and Islamophobia? Here are few research questions you can choose from:

1. How does the west view Muslims?

2. How has the stigmatization against Muslims changed their way of life?

3. How can the media, especially Hollywood help in changing the perception that the world has concerning Muslims?

3. How changes in media influence the way people experience political campaigns

Social media has greatly changed the way campaigns are run, and the experiences that public has during such seasons. If you're doing a research paper on effects of media on political campaigns, here are several research topics you can choose from:

1. What impact does social media have on political campaigns

2. A look at evolution of political campaigns and how they have been changed by the new media.

4. The role of the media in the construction of public belief and social change

Media plays a huge role in construction of public belief. Media is able to shape opinion of the public by allowing the public to think about one thing and not the other. For example, media can make the public love one politician and hate the other, since it is able to filter what gets to the public and what doesn’t. Media is also able to alter behavior, by showing the benefits of one behaviors and the dangers of the other.

1. How does the media shape public belief?

2. What are the dangers of agenda setting?

3. How has media led to lose of indigenous cultures?

5. Relationship between the internet and news industry

Internet brought with it extra sources and channels of information. It also led to increase in speed with which news is reported. Internet has greatly impacted the news industry, both positively and negatively. What key questions on the topic can you find concerning this?

1. A look at how internet has impacted news industry

2. Is journalism as we know it dead?

3. An analysis of online journalism

4. How has internet changed the way values of journalism?

6. Fake news on social media: the (in) effectiveness of warning messages

Fake news is basically misinforming the public with the aim of gaining financial or political mileage. Fake news spread like bushfire, satisfying the advertisers more easily. Here are several topic ideas on fake news to inform your fake news research paper:

1. How did fake news contribute to Trump’s presidential campaign?

2. How fake news have evolved over time.

3. Effects of fake news on democracy.

4. How effective or ineffective are warning messages to the public?

7. The internet as a public sphere-an analysis of YouTube and Facebook.

Public sphere generally entails participation of the general public in political world and decision-making. Most people rely on YouTube and Facebook for news and information. Policy makers and world leaders have as a result embraced internet as a way of connecting with the general public. Here are the key areas you should analyze:

1. Role of the media in democratic processes

2. How media protects/fails to protect fundamental human rights

3. Is internet a better public sphere than the traditional media?

8. Advancing children’s news media literacy: learning from the practices and experiences of young Australians

Social media has completely changed our way of life. It has changed how, where, and why we consume news media. Young people are prone to social media than other agree groups. However, they hardly check the source of their news, which makes it easier for them to consume fake news. When it comes to children and news media literacy, here are several research questions for your:

1. Have students completely abandoned media literacy?

2. How and why are young people so prone to fake news? What makes it so hard to point out fake news?

9. Role of social media in growth of extreme groups

Social media has done a lot in ensuring that the world knows about these extreme groups. Social media happens to be the fastest rising source of news and information. Social media allows people to express what they feel more clearly than they would using the other kinds of media. As a result, it becomes easier to influence people, and spread both love and hatred. Here are the key questions for your research

1. How Twitter hashtags make it easier to recruit members for extremists.

2. A look at world leaders who have used Twitter to address different nationalistic ideas.

3. How social media has worked for and against Donald Trump

4. A study on social media as a political tool

10. Media and promotion of nationalistic policies

With the interconnectivity that is brought about by technology and specifically internet, it's almost impossible to survive without the internet. This is the reason why nations have to embrace internet and make it a friend, not a foe. Media helps to promote nationalistic policies among other things. Below are some of the key research questions for media and promotion of nationalistic policies

1. How does media promote nationalistic policies

2. How have editorial policies changed with the new media? How do these policies affect political ideologies?

3. What social media platforms are majorly used to address nationalistic policies? Why are they choosing above the other platforms?

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