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Interesting Nursing Research Topics and Ideas For Your Next Project

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“The only good thing is that I am allowed to choose my own research topic. That means I can choose whatever I want.” Well, you are right to some extent. Being allowed to choose your own research topic gives you an opportunity to work on something you love. However, there are several things that you ought to consider before choosing a topic. It is important to understand the topic you choose, its relevance, and its interest to you and to your readers.

Having a hard time choosing a research topic for your nursing project? Worry no more. Here are several, well-categorized nursing and health research topics for you to choose from.

Interesting Nursing Research Topics and Ideas for Your Next Project

Health research topics

A research paper on health can be quite wide. You can choose anything that has to do with health. For example, healthy living, improving health, rehabilitation among others. This means there’s a wide range to choose from when deciding on your health research topic. It is therefore very important to understand your area of specialization and passion, in order to make the right choice. Here are some of the amazing health research topics you can choose from:

1.The modern health practices vs. ancient health practices.

Which is better?

How have health practices changed over time?

How has the change in lifestyle affected the quality of health in the world?

2.Trends in health.

What are some of the common trends in health?

How good or bad are these trends?

3.New illnesses.

What are some of the new illnesses we have in the world today?

How have our lifestyle changes helped in bringing these new diseases?

4.Plastic surgery for beauty purposes.

How safe is plastic surgery?

Is it really ever worth it?

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Nursing research topics

More often than not, your professor will allow you to come up with a topic for your nursing research. This gives you a chance to choose something that you will enjoy doing. Before you choose a topic, learn everything you can about it. Learn of the research that has been taken before along the same line and how you can make your research paper or thesis more effective. Here are some of the nursing research topics you can choose from:

1.Caring for Alzheimer patients.

What are nurses’ responsibilities when it comes to caring for patients with Alzheimer?

What challenges do nurses encounter when taking care of Alzheimer patients?

What steps should nurses take when the older patients prove to be too difficult?

2.Private nursing.

What practices are deemed unacceptable for nurses involved in private nursing?

What are some of the challenges of working as a private nurse?

What laws have been put into place for protecting nurses in private practice?

3.Psychological effects of nursing practice. How to deal with losing a patient.

What is the place of emotions in the nursing practice?

How do nurses deal with traumatic situations?

What policies have been put in place to help nurses in such cases?

4.Dementia in older patients.

What challenges do nurses encounter while dealing with older patients with dementia?

Are the policies put in place to deal with dementia effective?

How effective is the home-management practice for patients with dementia?

5.Nurses relationship with patients and physicians.

How does the relationship between the nurse and the patient affect the healing process of the patient?

What is the effectiveness of a nurse as an assistant to physician?

How does the relationship between the nurse and the physician affect progress of a patient?

Public health research topics

Public health is an important field in nursing as it deals with general health of the public. It focusses not just on the health of the individuals but majorly on the health of the community. Here are some of the health research topics that you can choose from:

1.Diabetes and young children.

How has diabetes in young children led to increased mortality rates?

How can lifestyle change lead to reduced rates of diabetes in the society?

How has poverty contributed to increased rates of diabetes?

How can policy makers lead to reduced diabetic cases?

2.Malnutrition in underdeveloped countries.

How has poverty led to malnutrition in young kids?

How has political instability led to poor health among young children?

3.Impact of HIV/AIDS in the society.

How has HIV/AIDS affected the society?

Why are people living with AIDS still stigmatized in the society?

Are we giving AIDS less attention than we ought to?

4.Poverty and childhood diseases.

How has poverty contributed to increased childhood diseases?

A study on the childhood diseases that are caused by poverty. How can governments in poor countries help alleviate childhood diseases?

5.Alcoholism, drug abuse, and health issues in young people. A study on effects of alcoholism on the health of young people.

Topics for medical research

The first step to writing a great medical research choosing the best medical research topic. A cabbage will never be meat. It doesn’t matter how good you cook it. It will be just a good old cabbage. You cannot choose an awful topic and expect it to turn out great. It is important to come up with a topic that is relevant and still within your area of interest. Here are some of the amazing topics you can choose from:

1.A study on cloning. What’s the impact of cloning on human morality?

2.Mental health in developing countries: A study on myths and misconceptions of mental health is developing countries and how to deal with them.

How myths lead to deterioration of mental health patients?

3.Comparison between mental health in developing countries and the already developed countries.

4.A study of how cancer is affecting different aspects of life.

What measures has WHO taken to deal with cancer?

Are these measures effective? How our approach to cancer has changed over time?

5.Abortion in the 21st Century

Why is assisted suicide becoming so common?

At what point does assisted suicide become illegal?

With the new technology that allows a fetus to grow even outside the uterus, is abortion still a necessary policy?

A good research topic can make or break your project. It is therefore very important to be keen and open-minded when choosing your research topic. Take your time, don’t do this blindly. A good research topic maybe what saves your entire paper!

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