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How to Turn in a Late Assignment via Turnitin

Most of your academic performance in different academic level depends mainly on numerous written assignments and this has an impact on one’s final grades. Also, most papers have given college and university students sleepless night; this is because these tasks demand a lot of attention and time. While submitting your paper on time is one of the requirements any student have to meet if you don’t want to score an ‘F’, many students can’t deliver on time. Many hope to trick Turnitin but professors have managed to detect late submission. However, you don’t have to give up. There are effective ways to turn in a late assignment via Turnitin. Kindly read through this article for the most effective strategies.

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Viewing Late Submissions on Turnitin

Students enrolled in a certain class appear in the assignment box and in case one has not submitted their paper ‘’No Submission’’ appears as the paper title. To view your classmates who have also not submitted their assignment, click the title column heading to categorize the inbox by paper title.

It is worth noting if there is no assignment listed; neither you nor your classmates will be in a position to submit the assignment until that assignment is created. Therefore make sure, you access the right course before contacting your instructor. Only the professor in charge of the class can create assignments.

Note if you have accidentally enrolled several times and they read a submission or ‘’No Submission’’, click the author column to sort your name and look for duplicates. Learn how to organize your assignment by viewing the ‘’Getting your Students Started’’ section.

  • To use the assignment inbox, go the ‘’All Classes’’ tab and it will take you to the Instructor homepage
  • From there, go to your desired class name and you will be in a position to access the class homepage
  • Then click the ‘’Viewlink’’ found in the Action column
  • If the assignment was submitted late the submission date will be red and in case no delivery has been made by the due date the word ‘’Late” will appear in red in the date column.
  • 3 Proven Ways on How to Cheat Turnitin

    1. Change the Due Date or Modify the existing assignment link

  • Login into your account and go the Control Panel
  • Choose Course Tools and from the drop-down list pick Turnitin Assignment
  • Then select the Turnitin Assignment link
  • Go the top menu and choose the Edit Assignment tab and change the due date. Make sure that date is a date after the deadline
  • Finally hit the ‘’Submit’’ button to save changes
  • 2. Edit the Turnitin Assignment settings

    Alternatively, students can edit Turnitin Assignment settings by going to the content folder, find the Assignment link and then choose the ‘’Action Link’’ and find the ”Edit assignment”.

    3. Turning in a corrupted file

    Another effective strategy to help you turn in a late assignment via Turnitin is by turning-in a corrupted file by:

  • Opening a new word document and since your instructor will not be in a position to read your document, whatever you type should be irrelevant.
  • Once you have the filler text in place, save it using shortcut Ctrl +S for Windows or Command + S for Mac
  • Close the file and reopen it. If the file was successfully corrupted, for Windows users, you will see ‘’ The document path is invalid’’ while Mac users a ‘’Convert File’’ dialog box will appear.
  • Then submit the corrupted file via Turnitin and begin completing the real assignment. Well, it will take your teacher a few days or weeks to open your document. At that juncture, the instructor will send you an email asking you to resubmit your assignment. As you wait for that email, complete the real assignment.
  • It is worth noting this should be your last resort because in case your professor discovers you deliberately submitted a corrupted file, you may find yourself in trouble. Consider asking for an extension first before trying this method.

    View the article Six Proven Ways to cheat Turnitin to get more tricks for cheating Turnitin.

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    Viewing Late Submissions on Turnitin

    Once you have successfully beaten the deadline using either of the above tricks, you can now turn in a late assignment via Turnitin with peace. To submit your assignment on Turnitin, you have to log in and then upload the file to the existing assignment.

    You can submit your paper using 2 methods namely:

    1. File upload submission

  • Once you login to Turnitin, locate your desired class name
  • Hit the “Submit” button
  • From Submit (pull-down menu), select single file upload
  • Then enter your submission title
  • You can upload from your PC, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • To upload your file click Upload
  • 2. Cut and paste

  • The first thing you do after logging is clicking your class name
  • Hit the ‘’Submit ’’ button and then from the drop-down menu choose cut and paste
  • Then enter the submission title and copy your content. This should be performed from a word processor. Note you should not type the whole paper manually here; this can cause your login to time-out.
  • Click upload to complete submitting
  • After you have completed submitting your research paper, you will notice a digital receipt in your browser window. A copy of the submitted assignment will also be sent to your email. It is therefore important to use a valid email address. The main elements of a digital receipt include a unique submission identification number, the user’s name, assignment title, file size, word and character count, submission date and paper title. Make sure you save the receipt and its submission ID; it is a proof of submission.

    In case the digital receipt does not show on the screen after submitting, go back to the class portfolio page and check whether you were able to turn in a late assignment via Turnitin successfully.

    Final Thoughts

    Now that you know how to turn in a late assignment via Turnitin and some tricks you can use for cheating Turnitin, don’t think you will always get off scot-free. Although the software has flaws, many professors understand how these tricks work. Consequently, avoid resorting to these strategies at all cost unless it’s very urgent. If you can’t finish working on your persuasive essay on time, use more reliable methods like placing an order on proficient essay writing services or other life hacks that can help you survive in college.

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