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Choosing an Interesting Analytical Essay Topic [+10 Topic Examples]

By Evans Nov 29 2020

You have just finished watching a documentary or reading a book for your class, and your instructor gives you an assignment founded on watching or reading. The task is evaluating and analysing the book or movie and then developing an informative argument for an analytical essay topic of your choice. Your paper must be linked to the content, but it shouldn't be a summary. If you don't know how to select analytical essay topic, you're in the right place.

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What is an Analytical Essay?

The term "analytical essay" is unaccustomed to you, right? Well, you should not be worried because you must have written one without knowing.

An analytical essay is a form of writing that pays attention to a particular subject or idea's informative opinion.

Assuming your essay topic of choice is coffee. Writing an essay on the topic could be almost impossible since there is a lot to talk about coffee. You can choose to write on:

·         The history

·         How it is grown

·         Whether it is healthy to consume coffee

·         Advantages and disadvantages of coffee

Writing an analytical essay requires selecting a specific feature of the broad topic and then an argument that will formulate the thesis statement.

Tips on Choosing Topics for Analytical Essay

Choosing the topics for analytical essay is an essential element of the essay writing process. Unfortunately, it is often taken for granted. If you've the incorrect topic, you cannot demonstrate the vital analysis skill or understanding of the subject. In other words, a good essay topic determines your essay's quality.

You could get writing help and more ideas online. However, you want to do it on your own, below are practical tips for choosing the topic.

Know the Purpose of Your Writing

The main subject and your goals should determine your essay's purpose. When writing your essay, you need to ask yourself why you are writing it. Typically, all essays have four purposes, namely:

·         Informing

·         Entertaining

·         Persuading

·         Explaining

Ensure your topic suits all these purposes.

Remember to be consistent with the category of the essay.


Brainstorming is coming up with new ideas about the topic and knowing the keywords to include and questions you should ask.

One of the most effective brainstorming methods is to create a mind map (a visual representation of the ideas and thoughts). It helps you finds the relationship between the focus on the ideas and a concept.

You can also study sample analytical essays to understand what is required of you. You will come across numerous samples. As you do this, you might get ideas popping into your head. Write them down.

Then try visual brainstorming by covering your wall with post-its. Sketching, drawing, and writing makes ideas memorable. Moreover, it gives you clarity to concepts that you might be a challenge expressing with words.

The thumb of the rule as far as brainstorming is concerned is writing down everything which comes to the mind.

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Pick Analytical Essay Topics that Fascinate You

After you have written down the thoughts, please take a look at your paper and highlight the ideas in the order that they came to you. Circle fascinating ideas and note down more information about them. 

The approach ensures that you have a topic that inspires you and gives you enthusiasm and energy to successfully work on your assignment. Your target audience will also be more entertained, educated, and engaged if you're enthusiastic about the topic. On the other hand, if your topic bores you, the odds are your readers will be bored.

Analyse Your Potential Topics for Analytical Essay

Before picking your topic, ensure you have consistent sources. It is challenging to work on anything if your essay topic is not broad, and there are no materials on it. Analyze all topics and consider every aspect, then choose a topic with information and offer adequate details. Interesting topics for analytical essay require research, analyzing, and summarizing the data acquired from the study.

On the contrarily, if your topic is extensive, narrow it down because it does not provide you with the information you require to write.

Change Your Essay Topic/Subject, if Necessary

In the event, your topic does not work out, don't fear selecting another one. You might believe you have got the perfect analytical essay topic, only to realize that you cannot make a catchy essay after writing a couple of paragraphs.

Bearing that in mind, do not get preoccupied with essay topic selection. Spend more time working on your essay. Your instructor will focus on an analytical essay with excellent material instead of a poor-written essay founded on a catchy topic.

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What are Most Common Mistakes?

Highlighted below are common mistakes made when choosing analytical essay topics.

1.               Trying to look smart by working on a peculiar and rare topic

2.               Being lazy and failing to narrow the essay topic down. Even when your topic looks specific, check if it could be narrowed down more.

3.               Hesitating to change the topic because it's hard to write about

4.               Selecting a boring topic because it's easy to write about

5.               Writing your paper from the same perspective as the prior assignment

Examples of Analytical Essay Topics

Numerous topics could be reviewed and analyzed in an analytical essay. Think of any fact, concept, or idea, and you will find that you could connect with anything and develop facts to support the idea.

Job Essay Topics

1.      What are the causes of emotional burnout?

2.      What is the most effective way to address employees' motivation?

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Social Problem Topics

1.      Is addiction a personal choice?

2.      Does a single parent have a negative influence on their child's psychological well-being?

School Topics

1.      Should elementary tuition be cancelled?

2.      Should students in college wear uniforms?

Youth Analytical Essay Topics Examples

1.      What is the impact of social media on youth's behavior?

2.      Why are teenagers vulnerable to engage in crime?

Nature Essay

1.      Why is a dog loyal?


Getting interesting, suitable, and specific analytical essay topics are the initial stage of writing good content. Pick a conversant topic and create a mind map of the idea. However, do not be obsessive. From time to time, you've to change the topic to deliver a quality piece of writing

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