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A Hub for FREE Curated Essay Topics and Topic Ideas for Students

1000+ essay topics available categorized by subject

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A Hub for FREE Curated Essay Topics and Ideas for Students

The first step of writing an essay is finding a good topic that is interesting and easy to research.Many students find the idea of choosing a topic on their own attractive but find themselves lost when they begin searching through the vast amount of possible essay topics to choose the most ideal one.

Our expert writers have curated a list of interesting topics in a variety of subjects that you can write about if given the opportunity to choose your own essay topic. Browse through the list of essay topics and find the most appropriate depending on your instructions and the type of essay you are required to write.

Tips for Choosing a Good Essay Topic to Write About

Our essay topics hub has over 1000 topics categorized by subject or type of essay. How do you choose the best topic that is interesting to write about and can earn you a good grade?

Choose a topic that interest you

Finding a topic that interest you to write about makes it easier for you to write the actual paper. You will enjoy the writing process from researching, writing, editing and proofreading.

Choose an essay topic with enough readily available information

Select a subject with enough information to cover what is required of you.

Choose a topic that fits your instructions

A good topic is that one with sufficient information to just fit the length of your paper. Do not pic a topic that is too broad to be adequately covered or too narrow to limit your research. When writing about the feminism for example you can choose one incident in history or an evolution of a specific concept of feminism instead of covering everything.

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Note: the initial topic that you come-up with might not be the final topic that you end up writing. Therefore, do not be afraid to begin the entire process if the first topic you choose does not work out.

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