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Simplified Guide to Writing a Key Club Essay [Topics and Examples]

By Evans Jan 03 2023

Key Club is one of the popular organizations in high school. It is a student-led organization that allows its members to get a chance to serve their community, which in turn helps to build character and leadership skills that are helpful especially when they get out of school and into the real world. Maybe you have heard a lot about Key Club but never paid proper attention to it, but now you have been requested to write an essay based on this particular organization. Are you wondering where to start with your Key Club essay? Not even sure how to get the right topic? Do not fret, I am here to help you out.

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What is Key Club and why is the name?

KeyClub was founded in 1925 in California. The founders were looking for key students to become part of it. These are students who were influential in different areas in Sacramento High School and they had no qualms with volunteering with the club to serve the community in whichever way. Thus, the name Key Club was coined from that. Some of the former members of this particular organization include Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt, and Bob Iger. These are some of the examples of the Key Club members who have gone on to become politicians, business moguls, and celebrities among others just because they got to lay their foundation for the future they wanted in this club. Key Club is an international organization that has over 5000 clubs on six continents.

Key Club essay topics

Now that you know a little about this famous organization, it is only important that we get to the real business, right? If you have been asked to write about Key Club, what can you write about? Let us brainstorm about some possible Key Club essay topics, shall we?

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Why Key Club is popular with high school students?

Key Club is one of those shining badges that everyone wants in their resumes. High-schoolers love joining the club knowing that it will beautify their resumes. It is also an amazing place for these teenagers to learn about leadership and caring for their community. The organization prides itself in being a character shaper for more than 270,000 members who have passed by their hands. Addressing its importance to high school students is one of the best topics that you can choose for your essay.

Events and activities by Key Club

The question, of how this organization enriches the lives of its members is a very good question to consider when writing your Key Club essay. There must be things that the organization does that have such a lasting impact on its young members. You can choose to base your essay topic on this, talking in detail about events such as food drives, clean up, tutoring, recycling programs, and their main event: Children: Their Future, Our FocusYou can never go wrong by talking about how these activities build character and prepare the members for their future careers.

Key Club and their partners

Key Club partners with other organizations to serve the community and make the world a better place. These partners include UNICEF, Read and Lead, March of Dimes, and Children’s Miracle Network among others. You can choose one partner or more and discuss some of the events that they partner on and how that partnership helps Key Club and its members.

Starting a Key Club

While Key Club is known internationally, there are still schools where this club is not active. Thus, talking about how students can start a Key Club in their schools is one of the smartest essays you can write about. For this, you will need to go through the guidelines provided by the organization about the steps taken to start a key club. These guidelines include getting in touch with a local Kiwanis club. Finding a staff member willing to act as an advisor, recruiting members, collecting membership fees, and presenting chartering documents to the main Key Club (that is, Key Club International). You can never go wrong by providing a road map for students to follow if they want to start a key club in their school.

Compare and contrast Key Club and Interact

Key Club is not the only organization that aims to help high schoolers prepare for their future. Interact is another famous organization that most students are familiar with. Study both organizations, note their similarities and differences, and write an essay on them. Give students accurate information about the two of them so that they can easily choose to either join Key Club or Interact.

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