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100+ Interesting Essay Topics and Ideas on Politics

By Evans Jan 07 2021

When writing a political essay, students find themselves between a hard place and a rock. If the facilitator provides the essay topic, you might feel unsatisfied and find the topic boring or complicated. On the other hand, when given the freedom to choose your topic, you could get more frustrated. Politics is a diverse and vast subject with numerous essay topics on politics to choose from, making it challenging to select the right topic to tackle.

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Politics is the science of governing an administration or nation, and it includes activities that the government engages in. In politics, individuals exercise control over internal and external affairs affecting the country. Moreover, politics refers to the manipulative manner of handling people and how politicians persuade citizens on issues affecting them. Politics have intrigued and been the centre of most philosophers.

If you've been assigned an essay in politics, look no further—this article will help you ace your paper. Here, you will find a list of unique essay topics on politics to write about.

100+ Greatest essay topics on politics

To write an interesting political essay, you should have good knowledge about political science, history, military strategy, economics, psychology, and public relations. You also need to understand how society operates.

Although you are limited by the number of pages and time, you should bite what you can chew. Choose a given occurrence and research about it thoroughly. When studying how to write a political essay, it is essential to understand that while facts remain the same, their interpretation changes with the society's development and time. Finally, don't trust your attitude because there is a possibility of replaced or reconsidered by political essay topics.

You can use the list below to write your political essay or inspire you to develop your ideas.

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1.      Shouldthe government increase firearm control restrictions?

2.      How media affects politics

3.      The relationship between religion and politics

4.      What are the benefits and disadvantages of democracy?

5.      Is terrorism a political instrument?

6.      Pros and cons of totalitarianism

7.      The most influential political figure of 21st century

8.      Philosophy of politics

9.      Is civil war a failure of politicians?

10.  Ways to combat corruption in your country

11.  How gender inequality affects your county's politics

12.  Should abortion be legalized

13.  How should government regulate internet safety and privacy?

14.  Which political party in your county do you support and why?

15.  Is criminal pardon acceptable?

16.  American and European federal crime comparison

17.  Understanding how armed conflicts differ from political conflicts

18.  Is religion a social power?

19.  Implementing changes in the legislation process

20.  The interdependence of modern leaders

21.  Federalism traces in the unitary governance models

22.  Post-war social movements

23.  What are the causes of rebellion in the Central African Republic?

24.  Protest movements and social networks

25.  Civil war causes and its consequences

26.  Mexico and immigrants crisis

27.  Civil war negotiation methods

28.  Civil law court Vs. mediation policies

29.  Causes of global poverty

30.  Human rights

31.  Analysis of global security networks

32.  Apartheid phenomenon

33.  Soviet Union Ideology

34.  Political parties comparison

35.  Vietnam wat interests aggregation

36.  Should the government regulate or ban indecency on TV?

37.  Should citizens be required to prove identification before voting?

38.  Should race be a determinant in university admissions?

39.  Should government limit the amount of money spent on political campaigns?

40.  Should the government finance political campaigns?

41.  Should the government raise the minimum wage per hour?

42.  Should the U.S. grant asylum to refugees?

43.  Should the government ban or allow the death penalty?

44.  Should the voting age be lowered?

45.  Benefits and side effects of legalizing drugs

46.  History of international relations

47.  What are the traits of a leader?

48.  Does a revolution cause harm or good?

49.  Should nations build fortified border walls?

50.  Imagine establishing your political party. What would it be like?

51.  The role of social media in promoting politics

52.  How has the 9/11 occurrence impacted modern-day politics?

53.  Should prisons be allowed to vote?

54.  Should the government be held responsible for increasing the national debt?

55.  The effects of globalization on the economy

56.  Should the poor pay a lower percentage of taxes?

57.  Should a county interfere with the military conflicts of other countries?

58.  The role of media in national security

59.  Laws that prohibit hate speech

60.  Should your country change the healthcare policy?

61.  Should marijuana be legalized?

62.  Should TV commercials for alcohol be banned?

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63.  The government should regulate the cost of pharmaceutical products

64.  Should your government regulate school fees

65.  Should fracking be made illegal?

66.  Effects of war on drugs

67.  Why you should join a political party

68.  Should the United States seek tighter bonds with China?

69.  Communism Vs. capitalism

70.  Different arms of the government and their roles

71.  What caused healthcare to be expensive?

72.  What causes people to lose trust in their government?

73.  What is the role of the United Nations?

74.  Three waves of democratization

75.  Discuss how NGOs are influential

76.  Why does your nation suffer from terrorism more than the neighboring nations?

77.  How do countries reconcile after a war?

78.  The importance and purpose of global health

79.  The influence of feminism on global relations

80.  Discuss how the International Monetary Fund works

81.  Causes of interdependence between countries

82.  Structural consequences of uneven distribution of resources

83.  Gender bias in politics

84.  Should the European Union be dissolved?

85.  Achievements of the Pan-African movement

86.  What is tyranny?

87.  Pros and cons of the concept of nationhood

88.  Is fear a practical instrument of control?

89.  How does poverty drive the popularity of Boko Haram in Nigeria?

90.  The role of women in government

91.  Discuss the ideological relationship between feminism and liberalism

92.  Ethical issues about globalization

93.  Is there a basis where war is morally acceptable?

94.  Discuss how democracy is the rule of the people

95.  What motivates a person to be politically active?

96.  Define the term "politics."

97.  The politics of millennials Vs. baby boomers

98.  Characteristics of totalitarian regimes

99.  Current trends in democratization

100.                      Discuss how representative democracy differs from participatory democracy?

101.                      Economic effects of taxation

102.                      What are the functions of the World Trade Organization?

103.                      The importance of competition in politics

104.                      What is political about our diet

105.                      Political strategies on environmental conservation

106.                      Election ethics

107.                      Governmental effects coordination

108.                      Post-conflict justice inequality

109.                      War crime legacy

110.                      Iran oil conflict

111.                      Volunteering and social movements

112.                      Elections agenda analysis

113.                      What the pros and cos of two-party system

114.                      Why U.S. immigration caps are essential

115.                      Is communism the best system for your country?

116.                      What is Wilsonianism?

117.                      Explore the constitutional rights of inmates

118.                      Can a monarchy be democratic?


A political essay aims at answering questions about a given political event or process. It can also predict future developments or analyze previous occurrences.  Choosing the right topic requires excellent analytical skills and extensive knowledge in international relations and world history. It would help if you began from an understanding that politics goes beyond interaction and human action. It also involves beliefs, principles, and rational planning. Thus, research is a fundamental element.

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