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How to Write a Philosophy Essay [+30 Philosophy Paper Topics]

By Evans Mar 18 2021

Have you ever met someone and was left amazed by their way of thinking, the unusual way they tend to view things? The kind of person who has an insatiable thirst for deeper knowledge and insights about topics that normally don't interest people. You just might have met a philosopher or a philosophical thinker.

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A philosophical essay is one that argues against a certain philosopher’s idea or supports the idea completely. Reading a philosophical essay engages the reader's mind (you) and opens up your mind to other ways of viewing things and also understanding other people’s points of view. Writing a philosophical essay then gives you ground to state your opinion and make a stand by stating and giving proof to your claims. As a student, you need a good philosophy paper topic with sufficient ground and evidence to write a good essay.  

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Writing a paper on one of the very many topics on philosophy requires you to have a very open mind and logical thinking. Be bold in making claims and defending them because people always have different opinions so believe in yours. When writing your essay, in the first paragraph define the terms in the essay and state your argument. Try to avoid creating suspense in your paper. On the contrary, you should make your argument obvious from the very beginning. It is also important to integrate the PIE system in your writing i.e., Point, Information, Explanation. You begin by giving your point, then extra information, and then you explain your point. By doing this you are ensuring that all your paragraphs have all the required and important information. . If you are having any difficulty writing an essay you could visit our essay writing service to get help with writing any kind of essay.

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  How to Write a philosophy essay or paper

For you to write an outstanding essay or paper on any philosophy topic there are several rules of thumb that can help any writer experienced or not to write a great essay.

1.      Choose a topic that you can support and can easily research on. You should always remember that the quality of sources you get your research from is important compared to the quantity.

2.      Create mental sketches or better still have a notebook to write on that will help you outline the process and track your progress. It also makes it easier when writing out your draft because you have your ideas in one place.

3.      Do not write your essay or philosophy paper in one day or one sitting, have time to plan, think and also rearrange your ideas in the essay. This leads me to my next point about time.

4.      Make sure to plan your writing within the set time. Have enough time to carry out your research and to compile the work in time. Do not begin writing when it’s too close to the deadline since you will have little time to go through your work to make it perfect.

5.      Formulate and state your thesis. Here you are to pick one thesis statement out of every one of those you had found and commit to it. Ensure that your thesis statement is an arguable question and one that will be interesting and relevant to your readers as it is to you the writer.

6.      Choose a side to take and explain it well giving examples where you can.

7.      Be sure to define the ambiguous terms in your argument. By doing this you are making your stand clear to your readers and avoiding the confusion brought in by ambiguous words.

8.      Raise and respond to the strongest objections to your topic you can think of. This way you will have addressed any divergent thoughts from any quarters. It is also fine if you cannot come up with objections to your topic.

9.      Be precise and use simple language, avoid very complex vocabularies. Be sure to incorporate examples from reliable sources or even proven scientific research and statistics.

10.  Read it aloud and have a friend go through it. Another person’s perspective may help you point out mistakes that you may not have realized.

11.  Avoid a narrative in your writing e.g. Socrates says, and then says that.

12.  If you get to use publications from other writers make sure to give credit and don’t plagiarize.

13.  Make sure to support any claim you make.

Examples of Philosophy paper and essay topics

1.      Is there such a thing as free will?

2.      Is it ethical to use embryos in research?

3.      Can you justify murder?

4.      Does the end justify the means?

5.      What is the truth

6.      Can beauty really be found within?

7.      Is love is always a positive word?

8.      How should we live?

9.      Does money provide happiness or fulfillment?

10.  Is morality objective or subjective?

11.  Are parents morally responsible for how their children behave?    

12.  Do sexual desires give clues about human behaviours?

13.  Does super-natural exist?

14.  Does social media really influence our morals?

15.  Are religions the greatest scams in the world?

16.  Do people suffer by choice?

17.  Is there a moral duty to care?

18.  Do genetics contribute to one's behaviour?

19.  Feminism

20.  Racism and races.

21.  Ethics and moral philosophy.

22.  Are there facts that are moral?

23.  Existentialism

24.  Does God exist?

25.  How much freedom should people have?

26.  Should you live for the present or the future?

27.  Is an absolute truth possible?

28.  What does it mean to be conscious?

29.  What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

30.  What are your values and are you being true to them?

31.  If you could design your life how would you do it?

32.  Empiricism

33.  Why do we love?

34.  Is it immoral to believe without evidence?

These are several topics that you can choose and write from in philosophy. If you are still undecided on which topic to choose or need help with your philosophy paper, you can hire one of our top writers in philosophy to write the paper for you.

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