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How to Write Analytical Essay: Tips, Topics and Examples

By Evans Apr 19 2021

Learning how to write a great essay is an important skill that once adopted helps you in many areas of your academic life. This skill ensures that you are able to handle analytical essay topics derived from different areas and any other kind of essays you may be required to write, and still get excellent grades. Unlike other forms of essays, analytical essay requires you to provide a substantive analysis of a topic.

For example

When you are asked to analyse the behaviour of a serial cheater you have to separate their deeds and examine each aspect of the actions they are displaying, then carefully translate it to your results or findings or better yet find the effects of the crimes on the people involved.

Therefore, when asked to write an essay on the particular case you need to analyze interpretate the behaviour of the particular criminal as a basis for your writing. You are expected to pick every detail apart and analyse it for any inconsistencies before interpreting and writing a conclusion for your essay. Depending on how well you state your facts, analyze and interpret them, you will have a great analytical essay covering the topic.

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Analytical essay defined

An analytical essay is a piece of essay that extensively examines a particular topic. Analytical essay can be about literary works, current events, music, or even art. A good analytical essay depends on your choice of the analytical essay topic(s), and the process you are going to use when analyzing your subject. You need to state and claim what you are analysing in your essay in form of a thesis statement. A good thesis will help provide a roadmap for your essay.

How to write an analytical essay in 5 easy steps

The first step in writing an analytical essay is to:

 Pick an interesting analytical essay topic

There are thousands of analytical essay topics you can choose from regardless of the subject. However, you should choose one you are well informed about to raise your chances of getting good grades. It should be one you are able to explain and articulate your findings in a convincing way. You can choose a topic by Brainstorming: Picking several topics out of which you will pick one to write about. It’s even better when you know the needs and expectations of your target audience. If you feel stuck and unable to come up with an essay topic you can borrow ideas or topics from our competent tutors in paper per hour by checking our essay topics hub


This will come in handy if you are given a general area like parenting. You have the freedom to write about anything under the topic but make sure the topic you choose to write is an analytical essay topic

Write your thesis

Make a stand by making your thesis statement; this gives your essay some sense of direction.

Write your essay outline

Based on your research, write an outline with the main points you will cover                                                     

Write your essay

Begin by writing the body of your essay. Make sure that every aspect you discuss about the topic should reinforce your thesis. Analyze the topic from different angles to ensure that your essay is extensive and has covered the topic well. Once you have covered every aspect, write the conclusion by restating the thesis statement and summarize they key points.

Analytical essay topics examples to get you started

1.      How to avoid gambling addiction.

2.      Why are African countries slow in development?

3.      How does teamwork help in the workplace?

4.      What causes burnout in the workplace?

5.      What kinds of organizations can be termed successful?

6.      Why are some teenagers more prone to peer pressure than others?

7.      Should sex education be taught in school?

8.      Should college tuition be canceled?

9.      How do effective leaders deal with conflicts?

10.  How can governments bridge the gender pay gap?

11.  Are all kinds of addictions a personal choice of the people concerned?

12.  How should organizations motivate employees in the workplace?

13.  Do horror movies and TV shows have an impact on the emotional development of kids?

14.  Does watching a movie made out of a book carry more sentiment than reading the actual book?

15.  Is it really possible for double-income families to balance both career and family life?

16.  Does parenting style shape the ability of the youth to form their own identities and establish some form of independence?

17.  How do children’s programs impact a child’s learning speed?

18.  Why do young people run away from home?

19.  Is social media a big cause of depression among the youth?

20.  What causes some teenagers to be targets of cyberbullying and others not?

21.  Why are there many cases of drug use in sports?

22.  Does music have a therapeutic effect on some illnesses?

23.  Why are teenagers very rebellious?

24.  How can traditional gender roles be reversed in this day and age?

25.  How can communication differences be addressed between men and women?

26.  Does class size affect learning outcomes in schools?

27.  Why are some animals easy to train yet others are untamable?

28.  What were the causes of the french revolution?

29.  Does the monarchy have a role and place in today’s governing system?

30.  Do governments in Africa really exercise true democracy?

31.  How have China and the USA contributed to the impoverishment of Africa as a continent?


32.  How can third-world countries rise up and have a say in the world economy?


33.  Do you think raising the minimum wage in the USA will have an impact on the economy?


When required to analyze a book or characters in a certain book some of the analytic essay topics you might encounter or write about are?

1.      How has the author’s background influence their writing?

2.      Analyze the historical, cultural, and economic contexts of a book.

3.      How have the characters in the book been portrayed novel?

4.      Analyze the character traits of the characters in the novel.

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