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How to Write the Giver Essay [Summary, Themes + Topics Included]

By Evans Nov 28 2022

Have you ever wondered how life would be if there was no pain in the world? Imagine if you did not have to struggle to understand what to pursue in life, who to have as your partner, or even the number of children to have since all these have already been decided for you! The Giver gives us a glimpse into such a world. If you have been tasked with writing an essay on The Giver, worry not for we will help you not only understand this thought-provoking book but also how to write The Giver essay.

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A summary of The Giver

The Giver is about a futuristic community that exists in a world where there are no feelings and everyone is practically the same. The Elders control everything that one has to do. At the age of 12, every child is assigned a job depending on their talents and capabilities. When the time comes to marry, someone will be assigned someone who suits you. This means that this Sameness society feels no pain, no war, or hunger (some pretty goods not to feel, huh!) unfortunately, this also means that they do not experience love, sex, music, or anything of the sort. Jonas is selected to become the Receiver, meaning he gets to keep all of the community’s past memories. As a result, he gets to feel things that almost everyone in the community has never felt. Unable to watch the community continue living in its ignorance, he chooses to run away so that people can finally feel things.

How to write an essay on The Giver


When writing an essay on The Giver, you have to, first of all, take time to read the book. It is quite difficult to write on a subject that you do not understand. Immerse yourself in the world of Jonas and his Sameness community.

Find the right angle

Once you are done reading the book, you can now find the right angle for your essay. Finding the right angle will help give you a clear picture of how your essay is going to look like. If you have no idea how to find the right angle for your essay, do not worry, we will help you with some of the essay topics that you can choose from.

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The Giver essay topics

Is The Giver a dystopian or utopian community?

The community in The Giver is not your normal kind of community. This is a community that can be seen as either a utopian community in that nothing bad ever “happens” here or dystopian in that people in the community are not allowed to experience things such as music, love, color, or sex! In your essay, you choose to view this community as either of the two.

Symbolism in The Giver

Symbolism is always a safe choice when it comes to writing a literature essay. The Giver comes loaded with its symbolism, from using biblical names for its characters to the symbolism of the apple and the eye among others.

How Jonas’ community managed to create a society of sameness

It is not easy to create a community that is completely different from the norm. This is an important part of the book and it deserves as much attention as you can give it. Explore various ways that the Elders managed to modify behavior, punish rebels, and avoid an uproar.

The power of words

Words are powerful (so have we been told time and time again). Words can be the greatest tool of propaganda. It is also the greatest tool that has been used time and time again to incite people, either for good or for worse. The Giver uses specific words that help distort the reality of the community. These words include release, nurturer, and elsewhere among others. You can choose to discuss how these words have been used to keep people satisfied with a very dull life.


Perhaps Jonas is the character that encounters the greatest transformation in the community, from a young, ignorant child who’s scared of the kind of job that will be assigned to him to being the Receiver who is not willing to keep lying to everyone in the community. You can come up with such an incredible essay just by focusing on Jonas' transformation.

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