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30+ Creative College Essay Topics for Your Next Essay

By Evans Nov 06 2020

College life is a journey punctuated by many twists and turns. It is a journey that ought to leave you with the best memories ever. To most students, this is often the truth, at least until essays and assignments come in. An essay is something that a college student cannot miss to work. It is like a rite of passage; you cannot graduate from college without having done a few essays. Writing college essays can be one of the best things that you ever get to do with the right help. And choosing a creative essay topic? Choosing a creative essay topic is like adding cream to this beautiful cake called essay writing! 

Choosing the right title for your college essay is very important. In most cases, you will be required to write an essay on a given topic. If you are given an opportunity to choose for yourself, then make sure you choose something that you will be excited to right about. Paper per hour has compiled a list of creative essay topics that you can choose from.


Technology plays a major role in this modern world. There is no part of our life technology has not found a way of getting in and making it better. Every single day, a new technology comes up. This makes technology to be something that you cannot really exhaust. You can never go wrong with a technology essay. We have put together an awesome list just for you!

  1. How has technology changed how people live?
  2. Has the internet managed to ruin the lives of people?
  3. What should parents do to protect their children from the dangers of social media?
  4. What is the future of technology?
  5. How has technology improved the health sector?
  6. Choose one gadget and talk about how it has impacted your life. 
  7. How has the internet affected the lives of baby boomers? How does their usage of the internet differ from that of other generations?
  8. The future of technology in the workplace. Are robots going to replace employees in workplaces? 
  9. What is the role of technology in the increased rates of depression and suicide?
  10. How do introverts interact with technology?


2020 has not been an easy year. The main culprit being Covid-19. The pandemic has completely changed how we do things. It has had tremendous effects on individuals, systems, and the world at large. There is so much that you can write about this pandemic. 

  1. How has Coronavirus affected families?
  2. What are some of the conspiracy theories about the virus?
  3. What is the best lesson you have learned about life during the pandemic?
  4. How has Covid-19 changed the way we grieve and celebrate life?
  5. Who has economically benefited from the pandemic?
  6. Why has Covid-19 led to increased cases of anxiety among people? 
  7. How has the education sector suffered as a result of the pandemic?
  8. Explain some of the hilarious activities that people have involved themselves in to fight insanity during the pandemic.
  9. If Covid-19 was a person, what would you say to them?
  10. What is your most memorable moment of the pandemic?

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Family, whether blood family, foster family, or just friends who became family, plays quite an integral role in our lives. Being part of a family is an interesting thing. It is often characterized by funny, weird, and sometimes painful memories. But one thing is for sure; you can never go wrong with a college essay about family. 

  1. What are some of the weirdest daddy jokes you have heard?
  2. How was it like growing up in a big (or small) family?
  3. What is the biggest lesson that your mom taught you? (Verbally, through actions, or even by her absence?)
  4. How has family contributed to making you the person you are today?
  5. What is the place of festivities in your family? Do you go all out or don’t celebrations mean much to you?
  6. What is your best memory with your family?
  7. How would you love your future family to be like?
  8. What is the place of pets in your family?
  9. Discuss one of the most embarrassing moments you have had with your family.
  10. How is your ideal family like?

Hobbies and goals

  1. Discuss a book that you’ve ever read (or a movie you’ve watched) that changed your life.
  2. If you were given one superpower, which one would it be and why?
  3. What is your main hobby, and what have you achieved by pursuing it? (for example, if you love soccer, which is the greatest match that you have won?)
  4. What legacy would you love to leave?
  5. What skill do you wish you had?
  6. The person you admire the most in your field and what you love about them. 
  7. How did you discover that you were talented in a particular area and who helped you discover that? 
  8. What is the biggest achievement that you have had so far? 
  9. If you had an opportunity to meet one person in the world, who would it be? What would you say to them?
  10. In your mind, how does your future look like?

A creative title for an essay is the first step to writing an incredible college essay. We cannot exhaust all the creative college essay topics that you can choose from. The above topics are meant to give you an idea of what you can write about. If you have found one topic that fits your need completely, please go ahead and use it. If you need someone to help you out with your paper, you have come to the right place. Paper per hour is a writing service that carries the best essay writers in the industry. We provide you with top-notch essays at very affordable prices. Our goal is to ensure that you get to enjoy your college life by getting essays and other assignments out of the way. Order an essay now. 



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